URN:lex illustrative examples

Here are some "worked examples" of URN:lex identifiers, to act as a guide for those implementing URN:lex on their sites. Discussion of this topic is taking place here.

United States

Federal law


United States Code (per the Legal Information Institute):

For now, we are implementing US Code URNs inside <meta> tags, along the lines of the following example:

LexCraft section: 

Suggested metadata practices for legislation and regulations

The law.gov workshop held by the Legal Information Institute at the Cornell Law School on March 22 and 23, 2010, produced some general recommendations regarding legislative metadata.  They are best imagined as a series of answers to a question from a revisor of statutes or other governmental publisher of statutes or regulations who is asking, "What should I do?".

LexCraft corpusType: 
LexCraft section: 
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