10 CFR 431.31 - Labeling requirements.

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§ 431.31 Labeling requirements.
(a) Electric motor nameplate—
(1) Required information. The permanent nameplate of an electric motor for which standards are prescribed in § 431.25 must be marked clearly with the following information:
(i) The motor's nominal full load efficiency (as of the date of manufacture), derived from the motor's average full load efficiency as determined pursuant to this subpart; and
(ii) A Compliance Certification number (“CC number”) supplied by DOE to the manufacturer or private labeler, pursuant to § 431.36(f), and applicable to that motor. Such CC number must be on the nameplate of a motor beginning 90 days after either:
(A) The manufacturer or private labeler has received the number upon submitting a Compliance Certification covering that motor, or
(B) The expiration of 21 days from DOE's receipt of a Compliance Certification covering that motor, if the manufacturer or private labeler has not been advised by DOE that the Compliance Certification fails to satisfy § 431.36.
(2) Display of required information. All orientation, spacing, type sizes, type faces, and line widths to display this required information shall be the same as or similar to the display of the other performance data on the motor's permanent nameplate. The nominal full-load efficiency shall be identified either by the term “Nominal Efficiency” or “Nom. Eff.” or by the terms specified in paragraph 12.58.2 of NEMA MG1-2009, (incorporated by reference, see § 431.15) as for example “NEMA Nom. Eff. __.” The Compliance Certification number issued pursuant to § 431.36 shall be in the form “CC __.”
(3) Optional display. The permanent nameplate of an electric motor, a separate plate, or decalcomania, may be marked with the encircled lower case letters “ee”, for example,
or with some comparable designation or logo, if the motor meets the applicable standard prescribed in § 431.25, as determined pursuant to this subpart, and is covered by a Compliance Certification that satisfies § 431.36.
(b) Disclosure of efficiency information in marketing materials.
(1) The same information that must appear on an electric motor's permanent nameplate pursuant to paragraph (a)(1) of this section, shall be prominently displayed:
(i) On each page of a catalog that lists the motor; and
(ii) In other materials used to market the motor.
(2) The “ee” logo, or other similar logo or designations, may also be used in catalogs and other materials to the same extent they may be used on labels under paragraph (a)(3) of this section.
[69 FR 61923, Oct. 21, 2004, as amended at 77 FR 26637, May 4, 2012]

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