10 CFR Part 602, Appendix A to Part 602 - Schedule of Renewal Applications and Reports

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Appendix A to Part 602—Schedule of Renewal Applications and Reports
Type When due Number of copies for awarding office
Note: Report types 5 and 6 require with submission two copies of DOE Form 1332.16, University-Type Contractor and Grantee Recommendations for Disposition of Scientific and Technical Document.
1. Summary: 200 words on scope and purpose (Notice of Energy R&D Project) Immediately after a grant is awarded and with each application for renewal 3
2. Renewal period ends 6 months before the budget 8
3. Progress Report period (or as part of a renewal application) 90 days prior to the next budget period 3
4. Other progress reports, brief topical reports, etc. (Designated when significant results develop or when work has direct programmatic impact) As deemed appropriate by DOE or the recipient 3
5. Reprints, Conference Same as 4. above 3
6. Final report of the project Within 90 days after completion 3
7. Financial Status Report (FSR) Within 90 days after completion of the project period; for budget periods exceeding 12 months an FSR is also required within 90 days after the first 12-month period 3

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