15 CFR Part 30, Appendix D to Part 30 - AES Filing Citation, Exemption and Exclusion Legends

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Appendix D to Part 30—AES Filing Citation, Exemption and Exclusion Legends
I. USML Proof of Filing Citation AES ITN Example: AES X20060101987654.
II. AES Proof of Filing Citation subpart A § 30.7 AES ITN Example: AES X20060101987654.
III. AES Postdeparture Citation-USPPIUSPPI is filing the EEI AESPOST USPPI EIN mm/dd/yyyy Example: AESPOST 12345678912 01/01/2006.
IV. Postdeparture Citation-Agent AESPOST USPPI EIN—Filer ID mm/dd/yyyy Example: AESPOST 12345678912—987654321 01/01/2006.
V. AES Downtime Citation-Use only when AES or AESDirect is unavailable AESDOWN Filer ID mm/dd/yyyy Example: AESDOWN 123456789 01/01/2006.
VI. Standard Exclusions are found in 15 CFR 30, Subpart A, § 30.2(d)(1) through § 30.2(d)(4)
The following types of transactions shall be excluded from EEI filing:
(1) Goods Shipped from U.S. territories NOEEI § 30.2(d)(site corresponding number).
(2) Goods Shipped to or from Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba and the United States
(3) Inbond Shipments through the United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands
VII. Exemption for Shipments to Canada NOEEI § 30.36.
VIII. Exemption for Low-Value Shipments NOEEI § 30.37(a).
IX. Miscellaneous Exemption Statements are found in 15 CFR 30 Subpart D § 30.37(b) through § 30.37(u) NOEEI § 30.37 (site corresponding alphabet).
X. Special Exemption for Shipments to the U.S. Armed Forces NOEEI § 30.39
XI. Special Exemptions for Certain Shipments to U.S. Government Agencies and Employees (Exemption Statements are found in 15 CFR 30 Subpart D § 30.40(a) through § 30.40(d) NOEEI § 30.40 (site corresponding alphabet).
XII. Split Shipments by Air “Split Shipments” should be referenced as such on the manifest in accordance with provisions contained in § 30.28, “Split Shipments by Air.” The notation should be easily identifiable on the manifest AES ITN SS Example: AES X20060101987654 SS.
It is preferable to include a reference to a split shipment in the exemption statements cited in the example, the notation SS should be included at the end of the appropriate exemption statement
Proof of filing citations by pipeline NOEEI § 30.8(b).

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    1. 79 FR 5330 - Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR): Advanced Export Information (AEI) Pilot Program
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      DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE, Bureau of the Census
      Solicitation of Pilot Program Participants to Evaluate Potential Rulemaking Procedure.
      Correspondence indicating interest in the AEI pilot will be accepted until April 1, 2014. The Census Bureau will notify applicants if they are accepted into the pilot. The notification will provide the date that the test environment will be available and further information about participation in the pilot. Approved pilot participants will then have 60 days after notification of acceptance to have their systems ready and able to transmit live AEI pilot data to the Automated Export System (AES).
      15 CFR Part 30