17 CFR 250.71 - Statements to be filed pursuant to section 12(i).

§ 250.71 Statements to be filed pursuant to section 12(i).
(a) Ten-day statement. Any person who engages in any activity within the scope of section 12(i) of the act, shall file with the Commission within 10 days after the date of such activity a statement on Form U-12(I)-A, except as to activity within the scope of any advance statement on Form U-12(I)-B, which is duly filed in accordance with paragraph (b).
(b) Advance statement. An advance statement, covering anticipated activity for the remainder of the present calendar year, and the next two calendar years, may be filed on Form U-12(I)-B by any person (whether or not the compensation of such person has been fixed in advance) who is a salaried officer or employee or an attorney, accountant or other expert regularly retained by any company or by companies in the same holding-company system, or any person specially retained in connection with a particular proceeding or enterprise which is expected to involve a series of appearances or activities, if such employment or retainer does not contemplate any expenses other than ordinary personal, traveling or sustenance expenses, stationery, postage, telephone, telecopier and telegraphic service, stenographic and clerical assistance, expenditures for the printing of briefs or other documents to be submitted to any agencies specified in section 12(i) of the Act, and similar items.
(c) Supplemental statement. Any person filing an advance statement on Form U-12(I)-B shall file a supplement to such advance statement within 30 days after the end of the period covered thereby, and in no event later than January 30 of the following year, giving the information specified in Items 5 and 6 thereof. Any such person renewing such advance statement may combine the renewal and supplement in the same statement.
[Rule U, 6 FR 2015, Apr. 19, 1941, as amended at 6 FR 5950, Nov. 25, 1941; 59 FR 21928, Apr. 28, 1994]

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