22 CFR Part 62, Appendix D to Part 62 - Annual Report-Exchange Visitor Program Services (GC/V), Department of State, Washington, DC 20547, (202-401-7964)

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Appendix D to Part 62—Annual Report—Exchange Visitor Program Services (GC/V), Department of State, Washington, DC 20547, (202-401-7964)
Exchange Visitor Program No. ___ Reporting Period ___ Provide Range of Forms IAP-66 Documents Covered by this Report (___-___).
Professor ____
Research Scholar ____
Short-term Scholar ____
Trainee ____
Student (College and University) ____
Student (Practical Trainee) ____
Teacher ____
Student (Secondary) ____
Specialists ____
Physicians ____
International Visitors ____
Government Visitors ____
Camp Counselors ____
Total ____
(2) Forms IAP-66 Reconciliation
(i) Number of Forms IAP-66 voided or otherwise not used by participant ____
(ii) Number of Forms IAP-66 issued for dependents ____
(iii) Number of Forms IAP-66 currently on hand ____
On a separate sheet, please provide a brief narrative report on program activity, difficulties encountered and their resolution, program transfers, anticipated growth and the proposed new activity, cross-cultural activities, as well as the reciprocal component of the program.
I, The Responsible Officer of the program indicated above, certify that we have complied with the insurance requirement (22 CFR 514.14). I also certify that the information contained in this report is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.
Responsible Officer(signed)
Name and address of sponsoring institution

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