24 CFR 1007.35 - Loan terms.

§ 1007.35 Loan terms.
To be eligible for guarantee under this part, the loan shall:
(a) Be made for a term not exceeding 30 years;
(b) Bear interest (exclusive of the guarantee fee under § 1007.55 and service charges, if any) at a rate agreed upon by the borrower and the lender and determined by HUD to be reasonable, but not to exceed the rate generally charged in the area (as determined by HUD) for home mortgage loans not guaranteed or insured by any agency or instrumentality of the Federal Government;
(c) Involve a principal obligation not exceeding:
(1) 97.75 percent of the appraised value of the property as of the date the loan is accepted for guarantee (or 98.75 percent if the value of the property is $50,000 or less); or
(2) The amount approved by HUD under this section; and
(d) Involve a payment on account of the property:
(1) In cash or its equivalent; or
(2) Through the value of any improvements, appraised in accordance with generally accepted practices and procedures.

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