40 CFR Part 1037, Appendix III to Part 1037 - Emission Control Identifiers

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Appendix III to Part 1037—Emission Control Identifiers
This appendix identifies abbreviations for emission control information labels, as required under § 1037.135.
Vehicle Speed Limiters
-VSL—Vehicle speed limiter
-VSLS—“Soft-top” vehicle speed limiter
-VSLE—Expiring vehicle speed limiter
-VSLD—Vehicle speed limiter with both “soft-top” and expiration
Idle Reduction Technology
-IRT5—Engine shutoff after 5 minutes or less of idling
-IRTE—Expiring engine shutoff
-LRRA—Low rolling resistance tires (all)
-LRRD—Low rolling resistance tires (drive)
-LRRS—Low rolling resistance tires (steer)
Aerodynamic Components
-ATS—Aerodynamic side skirt and/or fuel tank fairing
-ARF—Aerodynamic roof fairing
-ARFR—Adjustable height aerodynamic roof fairing
-TGR—Gap reducing fairing (tractor to trailer gap)
Other Components
-ADVH—Vehicle includes advanced hybrid technology components
-ADVO—Vehicle includes other advanced technology components (i.e., non-hybrid system)
-INV—Vehicle includes innovative technology components

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