7 CFR 1421.303 - Time and method for application.

§ 1421.303 Time and method for application.
Application for the program provided in this subpart must be received, at the county office that is responsible for administering programs for the farm, no earlier than the date on which eligible crops would normally be harvested and no later than the final loan availability date as determined in accordance with § 1421.5. The application must describe the land to be grazed and, in accordance with standards set by CCC, the tract/field location. The COC will determine the first harvest date which shall take into account the date on which such crops are, locally, normally harvested for any purpose. Where multiple producers are involved, the form must reflect each producer's share in the crop. No producer must receive payments under this subpart except to the extent that the payments are commensurate with that share. Should a person who is entitled to receive a payment under this subpart die, that payment, as earned, may be made to other persons as provided for in the rules set out in part 707. Third parties may also receive payments to the extent provided for in that part for other situations involving an incapacitation of the producer. Refusals to allow CCC to verify information on any form or report utilized for this subpart can result in program ineligibility and producers must provide CCC and its agent to the property involved and to all records as may be relevant to the making of payments under this subpart. Further, false statements will disqualify the producer from the program and may be subject to other sanctions including criminal sanctions.
[66 FR 13404, Mar. 6, 2001. Redesignated and amended at 67 FR 63511, 63524, Oct. 11, 2002. Redesignated at 74 FR 15656, Apr. 7, 2009]

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