7 CFR 1437.303 - Aquaculture, including ornamental fish.

§ 1437.303 Aquaculture, including ornamental fish.
(a) Aquaculture is a value loss crop and is compensable only in accord with restrictions set in this section. Eligible aquacultural species shall only include:
(1) Any species of aquatic organisms grown as food for human consumption as determined by CCC.
(2) Fish raised as feed for other fish that are consumed by humans; and
(3) Ornamental fish propagated and reared in an aquatic medium.
(b) The aquacultural facility must be:
(1) A commercial enterprise on private property;
(2) Owned or leased by the producer, with readily identifiable boundaries; and
(3) Managed and maintained using good aquacultural growing practices.
(c) Producers must:
(1) Ensure adequate and proper flood prevention, growing medium, fertilization or feeding, irrigation and water quality, predator control, and disease control; and
(2) Have control of the waterbed.
(d) Eligible aquacultural species must be:
(1) Placed in the facility and not be indigenous to the facility; and
(2) Kept in a controlled environment; and
(3) Planted or seeded in containers, wire baskets, net pens, or similar device designed for the protection and containment of the seeded aquacultural species.
(e) In the crop year in which a notice of loss is filed, producers may be required, at the discretion of CCC, to provide evidence that the aquacultural species are produced in a facility in accordance with paragraphs (b), (c) and (d) of this section.

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