Kentucky: Supreme Court citation practice | Citation rule(s)

Examples from Adams v. NHC Healthcare, 199 S.W.3d 163 (Ky. 2006)

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Noting that the facts complied with both KRS 342.730(1)(c)1 and 2, the ALJ determined that the claimant could return immediately to other regular employment at the same or a greater wage and awarded benefits under KRS 342.730(1)(c)2. Although the Workers' Compensation Board affirmed on the first two issues and found no error in the corrected order denying reconsideration, it determined that the evidence and Fawbush v. Gwinn, 103 S.W.3d 5 (Ky. 2003), compelled an award under KRS 342.730(1)(c)1. The Court of Appeals reversed on that issue but affirmed otherwise.

The claimant raises four arguments. He asserts that 803 KAR 25:010, § 14(2) entitled him to introduce evidence regarding his social security disability award after proof time closed; that overwhelming evidence compelled the ALJ to find him totally disabled; that the corrected order on his petition for reconsideration violated KRS 342.125; and that the ALJ misapplied Fawbush v. Gwinn, supra, when finding that he could work as a med tech despite ordering the employer to pay for a walker. Having concluded that nothing required the ALJ to consider evidence submitted after proof time closed; that substantial evidence supported the finding of partial disability; that the entry of a corrected order denying consideration did not violate KRS 342.125 or the regulations; and that substantial evidence supported the application of KRS 342.730(1)(c)2, we affirm.

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Ky. Civ. R. 76.12(4)(g),

76.12 BRIEFS

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(4)(g) Form of citations.

All citations of Kentucky Statutes shall be made from the official edition of the Kentucky Revised Statutes and may be abbreviated "KRS." The citation of Kentucky cases reported after January 1, 1951, shall be in the following form for decisions of the Supreme Court and its predecessor court: Doe v. Roe, ___ S.W.2d ___ or ___ S.W.3d ___ (Ky. [date]), or for reported decisions of the present Court of Appeals, Doe v. Roe, ___ S.W.2d ___ or ___ S.W.3d ___ (Ky. App. [date]). For cases reported prior thereto both Kentucky Reports and Southwestern citations shall be given.