TOPN: Women's Armed Services Integration Act of 1948

Women's Armed Services Integration Act of 1948

June 12, 1948, ch. 449, 62 Stat. 356

62 Stat. 356, ch. 449
Pub. L. SectionStatusUnited States Code
101–104(a)–(c)Rev. T.10316-316c
109Rev. T.10378
32 CFR
110Elim.50a1551-1555 nt
201–205Rev. T.34105-105d
206, 207Rev. T.34
307, 410r
208–211Rev. T.34105e-105h
212Rev. T.34
857-857c, 857d
213Rev. T.34625h
214, 215, 217Rev. T.34105i-105k
107, 108Rev. T.10
316e, 559o
105, 106Rev. T.10
591-1, 621b
104(h)–(k)Rev. T.10559k-559n
104(d)(1), (2)Rev. T.10506
104(d)(3), (4)Rev. T.10559
104(d)(5)Rev. T.10559a
104(d)(6)Rev. T.10559c
104(d)(7)Rev. T.10559c-1
104(d)(8)–(10)Rev. T.10941a
104(e), (f)Rev. T.10559j
104(g)Rev. T.10316d
301–310Rev. T.5627-627i