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  • § 1241. Transportation in American vessels of Government personnel and certain cargoes
  • § 1241-1. Shipment of exports financed by Government in United States vessels
  • § 1241a. Vessel operations revolving fund; establishment; uses; limitation
  • § 1241b. Availability of vessel operations revolving fund; vessels involved in mortgage-foreclosure or forfeiture proceedings; redelivery and layup of chartered ships; custody and husbanding of Government-owned ships
  • § 1241c. Expenses for activation, repair and deactivation of merchant ships; receipts
  • § 1241d. Findings and declarations with respect to export transportation of agricultural commodities
  • § 1241e. Exemption of certain agricultural exports from requirements of cargo preference laws
  • § 1241f. Shipment requirements for certain exports sponsored by Department of Agriculture
  • § 1241g. Minimum tonnage
  • § 1241h. Financing of shipment of agricultural commodities in United States-flag vessels
  • § 1241i. Authorization of appropriations
  • § 1241j. Termination of sections 1241e through 1241o of this Appendix
  • § 1241k. National Advisory Commission on Agricultural Export Transportation Policy
  • § 1241l. Duties of Commission
  • § 1241m. Information and assistance to be furnished to Commission
  • § 1241n. Compensation and travel and subsistence expenses of Commission members
  • § 1241o. Definition of United States-flag vessel eligible to carry cargoes under sections 1241f through 1241h of this Appendix
  • § 1241p. Effect on other laws
  • § 1241q. Exemption of American Great Lakes vessels from restriction on carriage of preference cargoes
  • § 1241r. Designation of American Great Lakes vessels
  • § 1241s. Restrictions on operations of American Great Lakes vessels
  • § 1241t. Revocation and termination of designation
  • § 1241u. Study and report
  • § 1241v. Definitions
  • § 1242. Requisition or purchase of vessels in time of emergency
  • § 1242a. Maintenance of and adjustment of obligations with respect to essential vessels affected by Neutrality Act
  • § 1244. Definitions
  • § 1245. Separability; short title of chapter
  • § 1247. Appointment of Secretary as trustee or receiver; operation of vessels under court orders; payment of operating costs; claims against corporation
  • § 1248. Enrollment in a sealift readiness program
  • § 1249. Assistance for small shipyards and maritime communities

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