15 U.S. Code Chapter 14A - AID TO SMALL BUSINESS

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Sec. 631. Declaration of policy. 631a. Congressional declaration of small business economic policy. 631b. Reports to Congress; state of small business. 631c. Small Business Manufacturing Task Force. 632. Definitions. 633. Small Business Administration. 633a. Detailed justification for proposed changes in budget requests. 634. General powers. 634a. Office of Advocacy within Small Business Administration; Chief Counsel for Advocacy. 634b. Primary functions of Office of Advocacy. 634c. Additional duties of Office of Advocacy. 634d. Staff and powers of Office of Advocacy. 634e. Assistance of Government agencies. 634f. Reports. 634g. Budgetary line item and authorization of appropriations. 635. Deposit of moneys; depositaries, custodians, and fiscal agents; contributions to employees’ compensation funds. 636. Additional powers. 636a. Repealed. 636b. Disaster loan interest rates. 636c. Age of applicant for disaster loans. 636d. Disaster aid to major sources of employment. 636e. Definitions. 636f. Coordination of efforts between the Administrator and the Internal Revenue Service to expedite loan processing. 636g. Development and implementation of major disaster response plan. 636h. Disaster planning responsibilities. 636i. Small business bonding threshold. 636j. Expedited disaster assistance loan program. 636k. Reports on disaster assistance. 637. Additional powers. 637a. Repealed. 637b. Availability of information. 637c. Definitions. 637d. Subcontracting plan reports. 638. Research and development. 638a. GAO study with respect to venture capital operating company, hedge fund, and private equity firm involvement. 638b. Reducing vulnerability of SBIR and STTR programs to fraud, waste, and abuse. 639. Reporting requirements and agency cooperation. 639a. Review of loan program; submission of estimated needs for additional authorization. 640. Voluntary agreements among small-business concerns. 641. Transfer to Administration of other functions, powers, and duties. 642. Requirements for loans. 643. Fair charge for use of Government-owned property. 644. Awards or contracts. 644a. Small Business Procurement Advisory Council. 645. Offenses and penalties. 645a. Annual report on suspensions and debarments proposed by Small Business Administration. 646. Liens. 647. Duplication of activities of other Federal departments or agencies. 648. Small business development center program authorization. 648a. Repealed. 648b. Grants for SBDCs. 649. Office of International Trade. 649a. Omitted. 649b. Grants, contracts and cooperative agreements for international marketing programs. 649c. Authorization of appropriations. 649d. Central information clearinghouse. 650. Supervisory and enforcement authority for small business lending companies. 651. National small business tree planting program. 652. Central European Enterprise Development Commission. 653. Office of Rural Affairs. 654. Paul D. Coverdell drug-free workplace program. 655. Pilot Technology Access Program. 656. Women’s business center program. 657. Oversight of regulatory enforcement. 657a. HUBZone program. 657b. Veterans programs. 657c. Repealed. 657d. Federal and State Technology Partnership Program. 657e. Mentoring Networks. 657f. Procurement program for small business concerns owned and controlled by service-disabled veterans. 657g. Participation in federally funded projects. 657h. Small business energy efficiency. 657i. Coordination of disaster assistance programs with FEMA. 657j. Information tracking and follow-up system for disaster assistance. 657k. Disaster processing redundancy. 657l. Comprehensive disaster response plan. 657m. Plans to secure sufficient office space. 657n. Immediate Disaster Assistance program. 657o. Annual reports on disaster assistance. 657p. Outreach regarding health insurance options available to children. 657q. Consolidation of contract requirements. 657r. Mentor-protege programs. 657s. Limitations on subcontracting.

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15 USCDescription of ChangeSession YearPublic LawStatutes at Large
§ 631nt2012112-239 [Sec.] 1641(1)126 Stat. 2076
§ 631nt new2012112-239 [Sec.] 1633(b), (c)126 Stat. 2076
§ 631nt new2012112-239 [Sec.] 1622(a), (b)126 Stat. 2069
§ 6322013113-66 [Sec.] 1614(b)127 Stat. 949
§ 632nt new2013113-66 [Sec.] 1614(c)127 Stat. 949
§ 632nt new2012112-239 [Sec.] 1696(c)126 Stat. 2091
§ 632nt new2012112-239 [Sec.] 1698126 Stat. 2091
§ 6322012112-239 [Sec.] 1696(b)(1)126 Stat. 2090
§ 632nt new2012112-239 [Sec.] 1681(c)126 Stat. 2086
§ 6322012112-239 [Sec.] 1661126 Stat. 2083
§ 6362012112-239 [Sec.] 1622(c)126 Stat. 2069
§ 6372013113-66 [Sec.] 1614(a)127 Stat. 948
§ 6372012112-239 [Sec.] 1696(b)(2)126 Stat. 2091
§ 6372012112-239 [Sec.] 1697(a)126 Stat. 2091
§ 6372012112-239 [Sec.] 1654126 Stat. 2083
§ 6372012112-239 [Sec.] 1653(a)126 Stat. 2081
§ 637nt2012112-239 [Sec.] 1076(a)(16)126 Stat. 1948
§ 637dnew2012112-239 [Sec.] 1653(b)126 Stat. 2082
§ 638nt new2012112-239 [Sec.] 1615(c)126 Stat. 2067
§ 6382012112-239 [Sec.] 1615(a), (b)126 Stat. 2066
§ 6382012112-239 [Sec.] 1076(a)(20)(A)126 Stat. 1949
§ 6442014113-76 [Sec.] 318128 Stat. 178
§ 6442013113-66 [Sec.] 1613127 Stat. 948
§ 6442012112-239 [Sec.] 1631(a), (b)126 Stat. 2070, 2071
§ 6442012112-239 [Sec.] 1696(b)(3)126 Stat. 2091
§ 6442012112-239 [Sec.] 1696(a)126 Stat. 2090
§ 644nt2012112-239 [Sec.] 1692126 Stat. 2089
§ 6442012112-239 [Sec.] 1691126 Stat. 2087
§ 6442012112-239 [Sec.] 1632126 Stat. 2073
§ 644nt new2012112-239 [Sec.] 1631(c)126 Stat. 2072
§ 6442012112-239 [Sec.] 1623126 Stat. 2069
§ 6442012112-239 [Sec.] 1621126 Stat. 2067
§ 6452012112-239 [Sec.] 1682(a)126 Stat. 2086
§ 645nt new2012112-239 [Sec.] 1682(b)126 Stat. 2086
§ 645nt new2012112-239 [Sec.] 1682(c)126 Stat. 2086
§ 6452012112-239 [Sec.] 1681(a)126 Stat. 2085
§ 645nt new2012112-239 [Sec.] 1681(b)126 Stat. 2085
§ 6452012112-239 [Sec.] 1652126 Stat. 2081
§ 645anew2012112-239 [Sec.] 1683126 Stat. 2086
§ 649bnt2012112-239 [Sec.] 1699a126 Stat. 2092
§ 6562012112-239 [Sec.] 1697(b)126 Stat. 2091
§ 657bnt2012112-239 [Sec.] 1699(c)(3)126 Stat. 2092
§ 657crepealed2012112-239 [Sec.] 1699(a)126 Stat. 2092
§ 657cnt new2012112-239 [Sec.] 1699(b)126 Stat. 2092
§ 657q2012112-239 [Sec.] 1671(c)(2)126 Stat. 2085
§ 657q2012112-239 [Sec.] 1671(a), (b)126 Stat. 2084
§ 657rnew2012112-239 [Sec.] 1641(2) "45"126 Stat. 2077
§ 657snt new2013113-66 [Sec.] 1615127 Stat. 950
§ 657snew2012112-239 [Sec.] 1651 "46"126 Stat. 2079


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