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Sec. 78a. Short title. 78b. Necessity for regulation. 78c. Definitions and application. 78c–1. Swap agreements. 78c–2. Securities-related derivatives. 78c–3. Clearing for security-based swaps. 78c–4. Security-based swap execution facilities. 78c–5. Segregation of assets held as collateral in security-based swap transactions. 78d. Securities and Exchange Commission. 78d–1. Delegation of functions by Commission. 78d–2. Transfer of functions with respect to assignment of personnel to chairman. 78d–3. Appearance and practice before the Commission. 78d–4. Additional duties of Inspector General. 78d–5. Deadline for completing enforcement investigations and compliance examinations and inspections. 78d–6. Report and certification of internal supervisory controls. 78d–7. Triennial report on personnel management. 78d–8. Annual financial controls audit. 78d–9. Report on oversight of national securities associations. 78e. Transactions on unregistered exchanges. 78f. National securities exchanges. 78g. Margin requirements. 78h. Restrictions on borrowing and lending by members, brokers, and dealers. 78i. Manipulation of security prices. 78j. Manipulative and deceptive devices. 78j–1. Audit requirements. 78j–2. Position limits and position accountability for security-based swaps and large trader reporting. 78j–3. Compensation committees. 78j–4. Recovery of erroneously awarded compensation policy. 78k. Trading by members of exchanges, brokers, and dealers. 78k–1. National market system for securities; securities information processors. 78l. Registration requirements for securities. 78l–1. Applications for unlisted trading privileges deemed filed under section 78l of this title. 78m. Periodical and other reports. 78m–1. Reporting and recordkeeping for certain security-based swaps. 78m–2. Reporting requirements regarding coal or other mine safety. 78n. Proxies. 78n–1. Shareholder approval of executive compensation. 78n–2. Corporate governance. 78o. Registration and regulation of brokers and dealers. 78o–1. Brokers deemed to be registered. 78o–2. Liabilities arising prior to amendment unaffected. 78o–3. Registered securities associations. 78o–4. Municipal securities. 78o–4a. Commission Office of Municipal Securities. 78o–5. Government securities brokers and dealers. 78o–6. Securities analysts and research reports. 78o–7. Registration of nationally recognized statistical rating organizations. 78o–8. Universal ratings symbols. 78o–9. Study and rulemaking on assigned credit ratings. 78o–10. Registration and regulation of security-based swap dealers and major security-based swap participants. 78o–11. Credit risk retention. 78p. Directors, officers, and principal stockholders. 78q. Records and reports. 78q–1. National system for clearance and settlement of securities transactions. 78q–2. Automated quotation systems for penny stocks. 78r. Liability for misleading statements. 78s. Registration, responsibilities, and oversight of self-regulatory organizations. 78t. Liability of controlling persons and persons who aid and abet violations. 78t–1. Liability to contemporaneous traders for insider trading. 78u. Investigations and actions. 78u–1. Civil penalties for insider trading. 78u–2. Civil remedies in administrative proceedings. 78u–3. Cease-and-desist proceedings. 78u–4. Private securities litigation. 78u–5. Application of safe harbor for forward-looking statements. 78u–6. Securities whistleblower incentives and protection. 78u–7. Implementation and transition provisions for whistleblower protection. 78v. Hearings by Commission. 78w. Rules, regulations, and orders; annual reports. 78x. Public availability of information. 78y. Court review of orders and rules. 78z. Unlawful representations. 78aa. Jurisdiction of offenses and suits. 78aa–1. Special provision relating to statute of limitations on private causes of action. 78bb. Effect on existing law. 78cc. Validity of contracts. 78dd. Foreign securities exchanges. 78dd–1. Prohibited foreign trade practices by issuers. 78dd–2. Prohibited foreign trade practices by domestic concerns. 78dd–3. Prohibited foreign trade practices by persons other than issuers or domestic concerns. 78ee. Transaction fees. 78ff. Penalties. 78gg. Separability. 78hh. Effective date. 78hh–1. Effective date of certain sections. 78ii, 78jj. Omitted or Repealed. 78kk. Authorization of appropriations. 78ll. Requirements for the EDGAR system. 78mm. General exemptive authority. 78nn. Tennessee Valley Authority. 78oo. Federal National Mortgage Association, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Federal Home Loan Banks. 78pp. Investor Advisory Committee.

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15 USCDescription of ChangeSession YearPublic LawStatutes at Large
§ 78ant new2012112-106 [Sec.] 1126 Stat. 306
§ 78c2012112-106 [Sec.] 304(b)126 Stat. 322
§ 78cnt new2012112-106 [Sec.] 304(a)(2)126 Stat. 322
§ 78c2012112-106 [Sec.] 304(a)(1)126 Stat. 321
§ 78cnt new2012112-106 [Sec.] 107126 Stat. 312
§ 78cnt new2012112-106 [Sec.] 101(c)126 Stat. 308
§ 78c2012112-106 [Sec.] 101(b)126 Stat. 307
§ 78dnt new2012112-106 [Sec.] 701126 Stat. 327
§ 78jnt new2012112-105 [Sec.] 9(b)(1)126 Stat. 297
§ 78jnt new2012112-105 [Sec.] 4(a)126 Stat. 292
§ 78k-12012112-106 [Sec.] 106(b)126 Stat. 312
§ 78l2012112-106 [Sec.] 501, 502126 Stat. 325, 326
§ 78lnt new2012112-106 [Sec.] 602126 Stat. 327
§ 78l2012112-106 [Sec.] 601(a)126 Stat. 326
§ 78lnt new2012112-106 [Sec.] 503126 Stat. 326
§ 78l2012112-106 [Sec.] 303(a)126 Stat. 321
§ 78lnt new2012112-106 [Sec.] 303(b)126 Stat. 321
§ 78lnt2012112-106 [Sec.] 102(a)(3)126 Stat. 309
§ 78mnt new2012112-158 [Sec.] 219(b)126 Stat. 1236
§ 78m2012112-158 [Sec.] 219(a)126 Stat. 1235
§ 78m2012112-106 [Sec.] 102(b)(2)126 Stat. 309
§ 78n2012112-106 [Sec.] 102(a)(2)126 Stat. 309
§ 78n-12012112-106 [Sec.] 102(a)(1)126 Stat. 308
§ 78o2012112-106 [Sec.] 601(b)126 Stat. 326
§ 78o2012112-106 [Sec.] 305(d)(1)126 Stat. 323
§ 78o-62012112-106 [Sec.] 105(b)126 Stat. 311
§ 78o-6nt new2012112-106 [Sec.] 105(d)126 Stat. 311
§ 78u-12012112-105 [Sec.] 12126 Stat. 300
§ 78u-12012112-105 [Sec.] 9(b)(2)(B)126 Stat. 297
§ 78u-1nt new2012112-105 [Sec.] 9(b)(2)(A)126 Stat. 297
§ 78u-12012112-105 [Sec.] 4(b)(2)126 Stat. 292
§ 78u-1nt new2012112-105 [Sec.] 4(b)(1)126 Stat. 292


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