22 U.S. Code Chapter 38 - DEPARTMENT OF STATE

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Sec. 2651. Establishment of Department. 2651a. Organization of Department of State. 2652, 2652a. Repealed. 2652b. Assistant Secretary of State for South Asian Affairs. 2652c. Assistant Secretary of State for Verification and Compliance. 2653 to 2655. Repealed. 2655a. Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs within Department of State; Assistant Secretary of State as head of Bureau. 2655b. Diplomatic presence overseas. 2656. Management of foreign affairs. 2656a. Congressional declaration of findings of major significance of modern scientific and technological advances in foreign policy. 2656b. Congressional declaration of policy regarding consequences of science and technology on conduct of foreign policy. 2656c. Responsibilities of President. 2656d. Responsibilities of Secretary of State. 2656e. Terrorism-related travel advisories. 2656f. Annual country reports on terrorism. 2656g. Report on terrorist assets in United States. 2656h. International credit reports. 2656i. Counterdrug and anticrime activities of Department of State. 2657. Custody of seals and property. 2658. Repealed. 2659. State statutes to be procured. 2660. Copies of treaties furnished to Public Printer. 2661. Procurement of information for corporations, firms and individuals; expense of cablegrams and telephone service involved; appropriation. 2661a. Foreign contracts or arrangements; discrimination. 2661b. Services provided to the press. 2662, 2663. Transferred or Omitted. 2664. Distribution of duties of officers, clerks, and employees. 2664a. Protection of Civil Service employees. 2665. Personal services other than those provided for. 2665a. Foreign Service fellowships. 2666, 2667. Repealed. 2668. Requisitions for advances to pay lawful obligations. 2668a. Disposition of trust funds received from foreign governments for citizens of United States. 2669. Printing and binding outside continental United States; settlement and payment of claims by foreign governments; employment of aliens; official functions and courtesies; purchase of uniforms; payment of tort claims; payment of assumed obligations in Germany; telecommunications services; security; special purpose passenger motor vehicles; pay obligations arising under international conventions or contracts; personal service contracts. 2669–1. Payment of tort claims arising in connection with overseas operations. 2669a. Diplomatic Telecommunications Service. 2669b. Reaffirming United States international telecommunications policy. 2670. Insurance on motor vehicles in foreign countries; tie lines and teletype equipment; ice and drinking water; excise taxes on negotiable instruments; remains of deceased persons; relief, protection, and burial of seamen; acknowledgment of services of foreign vessels and aircraft; rentals and leases. 2671. Emergency expenditures. 2672. Participation in international activities; restriction; expenses. 2672a. Alternate United States Commissioners for international fisheries commissions. 2672b. Compensation of Alternate United States Commissioners; travel expenses and other allowances. 2673. International Civil Aviation Organization; availability of funds for participation. 2674. Availability of exchange allowances or proceeds derived from exchange or sale of motor vehicles. 2675. Allocation or transfer to other agencies of funds appropriated to Department of State; authority for expenditure of funds. 2676. Contracts in foreign countries. 2677. Availability of funds for travel expenses and transportation of personal effects, household goods, or automobiles. 2678. Reduction in earmarks if appropriations are less than authorizations. 2679. Maximum rates of per diem in lieu of subsistence payable to foreign participants in exchange of persons program or in program of furnishing technical information and assistance. 2679a. Procurement contracts. 2679b. Prohibition against fraudulent use of “Made in America” labels. 2679c. Prohibition on discriminatory contracts. 2680. Appropriations for State Department; information to congressional committees. 2680–1. Deadline for responses to questions from congressional committees. 2680–2. Facilitating access to Department of State. 2680a. Compensation for disability or death. 2681. International broadcasting facilities; transfer to Department of State; acquisition of property. 2682. Liquidation and disposal of broadcasting facilities. 2683. Assumption of obligations of operation of broadcasting facilities. 2684. Capital fund for Department of State to centralize reproduction, editorial, data processing, audiovisual and other services; maximum amount; operation of fund. 2684a. Capital Investment Fund. 2685. Reimbursement for detailed State Department personnel. 2686. Review of world-wide supply, demand, and price of basic raw and processed materials. 2686a. Appointment of Special Coordinator for water policy negotiations and water resources policy. 2687. Use of appropriated funds for unusual expenses of United States Representative to Organization of American States. 2688. Ambassadors; criteria regarding selection and confirmation. 2689. American Sections, International Joint Commission, United States and Canada; funds for representation expenses and official entertainment within the United States. 2690. Foreign gifts; audit; reports to Congress. 2691. Repealed. 2692. Compensation for persons participating in State Department proceedings; availability of funds. 2693. Repealed. 2694. Limitation on purchase of gifts for foreign individuals; report to Speaker of the House and chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations of the Senate. 2695. Administrative services. 2695a. Foreign language services. 2695b. Omitted. 2696. Nondiscretionary personnel costs, currency fluctuations, and other contingencies. 2697. Acceptance of gifts on behalf of United States. 2698. Procurement of legal services. 2699. Employment opportunities for family members. 2700. Use of vehicles. 2701. Educational facilities. 2702. Malpractice protection. 2703. Services and facilities for employees at posts abroad. 2704. Subsistence expenses. 2705. Documentation of citizenship. 2706. Reprograming of funds; notice requirements. 2706a. Rewards payments. 2707. International communications and information policy; duties of Secretary of State. 2708. Department of State rewards program. 2708a. Award of Thomas Jefferson Star for Foreign Service. 2709. Special agents. 2710. Expenses relating to participation in arbitrations of certain disputes. 2711. Counterterrorism Protection Fund. 2712. Authority to control certain terrorism-related services. 2713. Protection of historic and artistic furnishings of reception areas of the Harry S Truman Federal Building. 2714. Denial of passports to certain convicted drug traffickers. 2715. Procedures regarding major disasters and incidents abroad affecting United States citizens. 2715a. Provision of information on certain violent crimes abroad to victims and victims’ families. 2715b. Notification of next of kin; reports of death. 2715c. Conservation and disposition of estates. 2716. Debt collection. 2717. Defense trade controls registration fees. 2718. Fees received for use of Blair House. 2719. Grants for training and education in international affairs. 2720. Closing of consular and diplomatic posts abroad. 2721. Impermissible basis for denial of passports. 2722. International meetings. 2723. Denial of visas. 2724. Fees for commercial services. 2725. Fees for use of the George P. Shultz National Foreign Affairs Training Center. 2726. Fee for use of diplomatic reception rooms. 2727. Accounting of collections in budget presentation documents. 2728. Crimes committed by diplomats. 2729. State Department records of overseas deaths of United States citizens from nonnatural causes. 2730. Prohibition on funding the involuntary return of refugees. 2731. Monitoring and combating anti-Semitism. 2732. Public diplomacy responsibilities of the Department of State. 2733. Reemployment of annuitants under the Civil Service Retirement System and Federal Employees’ Retirement System. 2734. Reconstruction and stabilization. 2734a. Authorities related to personnel.

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22 USCDescription of ChangeSession YearPublic LawStatutes at Large
§ 2651nt new2012112-283 [Sec.] 1126 Stat. 2492
§ 2651a2012112-166 [Sec.] 2(j)126 Stat. 1286
§ 2656nt repealed2014113-76 [Sec.] 7034(i)128 Stat. 514
§ 2680nt new2014113-76 [Sec.] 7082(d)(1), (2)128 Stat. 567
§ 27082012112-283 [Sec.] 3, 4126 Stat. 2493, 2494
§ 2708nt new2012112-283 [Sec.] 5126 Stat. 2494
§ 2708nt new2012112-283 [Sec.] 6126 Stat. 2494
§ 2708nt new2012112-283 [Sec.] 2126 Stat. 2492
§ 2733nt new2014113-76 [Sec.] 7034(m)(5)128 Stat. 515


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