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SUBCHAPTER I—TRAVEL AND TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITIES—NEW LAW Sec. 451. Definitions. 452. Allowable travel and transportation: general authorities. 453. Allowable travel and transportation: specific authorities. 454. Travel and transportation: pilot programs. 455. Appropriations for travel: may not be used for attendance at certain meetings. SUBCHAPTER II—ADMINISTRATIVE PROVISIONS 461. Relationship to other travel and transportation authorities. 462. Travel and transportation allowances paid to members that are unauthorized or in excess of authorized amounts: requirement for repayment. 463. Program of compliance; electronic processing of travel claims. [1] 464. Regulations. SUBCHAPTER III—TRAVEL AND TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITIES—OLD LAW 471. Travel authorities transition expiration date. 472. Definitions and other incorporated provisions of chapter 7. 474. Travel and transportation allowances: general. 474a. Travel and transportation allowances: temporary lodging expenses. 474b. Travel and transportation allowances: payment of lodging expenses at temporary duty location during authorized absence of member. 475. Travel and transportation allowances: per diem while on duty outside the continental United States. 475a. Travel and transportation allowances: departure allowances. 476. Travel and transportation allowances: dependents; baggage and household effects. 476a. Travel and transportation allowances: authorized for travel performed under orders that are canceled, revoked, or modified. 476b. Travel and transportation allowances: members of the uniformed services attached to a ship overhauling or inactivating. 476c. Travel and transportation allowances: members assigned to a vessel under construction. 477. Travel and transportation allowances: dislocation allowance. 478. Travel and transportation allowances: travel within limits of duty station. 478a. Travel and transportation allowances: inactive duty training outside of the normal commuting distances. [1] 479. Travel and transportation allowances: house trailers and mobile homes. 480. Travel and transportation allowances: miscellaneous categories. 481. Travel and transportation allowances: administrative provisions. 481a. Travel and transportation allowances: travel performed in connection with convalescent leave. 481b. Travel and transportation allowances: travel performed in connection with leave between consecutive overseas tours. 481c. Travel and transportation allowances: travel performed in connection with rest and recuperative leave from certain stations in foreign countries. 481d. Travel and transportation allowances: transportation incident to personal emergencies for certain members and dependents. 481e. Travel and transportation allowances: transportation incident to certain emergencies for members performing temporary duty. 481f. Travel and transportation allowances: transportation for survivors of deceased member to attend the member’s burial ceremonies. [1] 481h. Travel and transportation allowances: transportation of designated individuals incident to hospitalization of members for treatment of wounds, illness, or injury. 481i. Travel and transportation allowances: parking expenses. 481j. Travel and transportation allowances: transportation of family members incident to the repatriation of members held captive. 481k. Travel and transportation allowances: non-medical attendants for members determined to be very seriously or seriously wounded, ill, or injured. [1] 481l. Travel and transportation allowances: attendance of members and others at Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program events. [1] 484. Travel and transportation: dependents of members in a missing status; household and personal effects; trailers; additional movements; motor vehicles; sale of bulky items; claims for proceeds; appropriation chargeable. [1] 488. Allowance for recruiting expenses. 489. Travel and transportation allowances: minor dependent schooling. 490. Travel and transportation: dependent children of members stationed overseas. 491. Benefits for certain members assigned to the Defense Intelligence Agency. 492. Travel and transportation: members escorting certain dependents. 494. Subsistence reimbursement relating to escorts of foreign arms control inspection teams. 495. Funeral honors duty: allowance.

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37 USCDescription of ChangeSession YearPublic LawStatutes at Large
§ 431tr to 37/4912012112-239 [Sec.] 1076(h)(2)126 Stat. 1955
§ 4512013113-66 [Sec.] 621(a)(1)127 Stat. 783
§ 4532013113-66 [Sec.] 621(h)127 Stat. 784
§ 4532013113-66 [Sec.] 621(c)(1)127 Stat. 783
§ 474nts2012112-239 [Sec.] 1076(a)(9)126 Stat. 1948
§ 4742012112-239 [Sec.] 621(a)126 Stat. 1778
§ 474a2012112-239 [Sec.] 1076(a)(9)126 Stat. 1948
§ 474b2012112-239 [Sec.] 1076(a)(9)126 Stat. 1948
§ 475nt2012112-239 [Sec.] 1076(a)(9)126 Stat. 1948
§ 475ant2012112-239 [Sec.] 1076(a)(9)126 Stat. 1948
§ 4762012112-239 [Sec.] 1076(a)(9)126 Stat. 1948
§ 476nts2012112-239 [Sec.] 1076(a)(9)126 Stat. 1948
§ 4762012112-239 [Sec.] 621(b)126 Stat. 1779
§ 476a2012112-239 [Sec.] 1076(a)(9)126 Stat. 1948
§ 476b2012112-239 [Sec.] 1076(a)(9)126 Stat. 1948
§ 476c2012112-239 [Sec.] 1076(a)(9)126 Stat. 1948
§ 4772012112-239 [Sec.] 1076(a)(9)126 Stat. 1948
§ 477nt2012112-239 [Sec.] 1076(a)(9)126 Stat. 1948
§ 4782012112-239 [Sec.] 1076(a)(9)126 Stat. 1948
§ 478a2013113-66 [Sec.] 1091(b)(3)127 Stat. 876
§ 478a2013113-66 [Sec.] 611(7)127 Stat. 780
§ 478ant2012112-239 [Sec.] 1076(a)(9)126 Stat. 1948
§ 478a2012112-239 [Sec.] 611(7)126 Stat. 1776
§ 4792012112-239 [Sec.] 1076(a)(9)126 Stat. 1948
§ 4802012112-239 [Sec.] 1076(a)(9)126 Stat. 1948
§ 4812012112-239 [Sec.] 1076(a)(9)126 Stat. 1948
§ 481a2012112-239 [Sec.] 1076(a)(9)126 Stat. 1948
§ 481b2012112-239 [Sec.] 1076(a)(9)126 Stat. 1948
§ 481bnt2012112-239 [Sec.] 1076(a)(9)126 Stat. 1948
§ 481e2012112-239 [Sec.] 1076(a)(9)126 Stat. 1948
§ 481fnt2012112-239 [Sec.] 1076(a)(9)126 Stat. 1948
§ 481h2012112-239 [Sec.] 1076(a)(9)126 Stat. 1948
§ 481hnts2012112-239 [Sec.] 1076(a)(9)126 Stat. 1948
§ 481j2012112-239 [Sec.] 1076(a)(9)126 Stat. 1948
§ 481k2012112-239 [Sec.] 1076(a)(9)126 Stat. 1948
§ 481knt2012112-239 [Sec.] 1076(a)(9)126 Stat. 1948
§ 481l2012112-239 [Sec.] 1076(a)(9)126 Stat. 1948
§ 481lnt2012112-239 [Sec.] 1076(a)(9)126 Stat. 1948
§ 4842012112-239 [Sec.] 1076(a)(9)126 Stat. 1948
§ 484nt2012112-239 [Sec.] 1076(a)(9)126 Stat. 1948
§ 4892012112-239 [Sec.] 1076(a)(6)126 Stat. 1948
§ 490nts2012112-239 [Sec.] 1076(a)(9)126 Stat. 1948
§ 494nt2012112-239 [Sec.] 1076(a)(9)126 Stat. 1948


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