42 U.S. Code Chapter 68 - DISASTER RELIEF

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SUBCHAPTER I—FINDINGS, DECLARATIONS, AND DEFINITIONS Sec. 5121. Congressional findings and declarations. 5122. Definitions. 5123. References. SUBCHAPTER II—DISASTER PREPAREDNESS AND MITIGATION ASSISTANCE 5131. Federal and State disaster preparedness programs. 5132. Disaster warnings. 5133. Predisaster hazard mitigation. 5134. Interagency task force. SUBCHAPTER III—MAJOR DISASTER AND EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE ADMINISTRATION 5141. Waiver of administrative conditions. 5142. Repealed. 5143. Coordinating officers. 5144. Emergency support and response teams. 5145, 5146. Repealed. 5147. Reimbursement of Federal agencies. 5148. Nonliability of Federal Government. 5149. Performance of services. 5150. Use of local firms and individuals. 5151. Nondiscrimination in disaster assistance. 5152. Use and coordination of relief organizations. 5153. Priority to certain applications for public facility and public housing assistance. 5154. Insurance. 5154a. Prohibited flood disaster assistance. 5155. Duplication of benefits. 5156. Standards and reviews. 5157. Penalties. 5158. Availability of materials. 5159. Protection of environment. 5160. Recovery of assistance. 5161. Audits and investigations. 5162. Advance of non-Federal share. 5163. Limitation on use of sliding scales. 5164. Rules and regulations. 5165. Mitigation planning. 5165a. Minimum standards for public and private structures. 5165b. Management costs. 5165c. Public notice, comment, and consultation requirements. 5165d. Designation of Small State and Rural Advocate. SUBCHAPTER IV—MAJOR DISASTER ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS 5170. Procedure for declaration. 5170a. General Federal assistance. 5170b. Essential assistance. 5170c. Hazard mitigation. 5171. Federal facilities. 5172. Repair, restoration, and replacement of damaged facilities. 5173. Debris removal. 5174. Federal assistance to individuals and households. 5175, 5176. Repealed. 5177. Unemployment assistance. 5177a. Emergency grants to assist low-income migrant and seasonal farmworkers. 5178. Repealed. 5179. Benefits and distribution. 5180. Food commodities. 5181. Relocation assistance. 5182. Legal services. 5183. Crisis counseling assistance and training. 5184. Community disaster loans. 5185. Emergency communications. 5186. Emergency public transportation. 5187. Fire management assistance. 5188. Timber sale contracts. 5189. Simplified procedure. 5189a. Appeals of assistance decisions. 5189b. Date of eligibility; expenses incurred before date of disaster. 5189c. Transportation assistance to individuals and households. 5189d. Case management services. 5189e. Essential service providers. 5189f. Public assistance program alternative procedures. 5189g. Unified Federal review. SUBCHAPTER IV–A—EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS 5191. Procedure for declaration. 5192. Federal emergency assistance. 5193. Amount of assistance. SUBCHAPTER IV–B—EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS 5195. Declaration of policy. 5195a. Definitions. 5195b. Administration of subchapter. 5195c. Critical infrastructures protection.
Part A—Powers and Duties

5196. Detailed functions of administration. 5196a. Mutual aid pacts between States and neighboring countries. 5196b. Contributions for personnel and administrative expenses. 5196c. Grants for construction of emergency operations centers. 5196d. Use of funds to prepare for and respond to hazards. 5196e. Radiological Emergency Preparedness Fund. 5196f. Disaster related information services.
Part B—General Provisions

5197. Administrative authority. 5197a. Security regulations. 5197b. Use of existing facilities. 5197c. Annual report to Congress. 5197d. Applicability of subchapter. 5197e. Authorization of appropriations and transfers of funds. 5197f. Relation to Atomic Energy Act of 1954. 5197g. Federal Bureau of Investigation. 5197h. Minority emergency preparedness demonstration program. SUBCHAPTER V—MISCELLANEOUS 5201. Rules and regulations. 5202. Repealed. 5203. Excess disaster assistance payments as budgetary emergency requirements. 5204. Insular areas disaster survival and recovery; definitions. 5204a. Authorization of appropriations for insular areas. 5204b. Technical assistance for insular areas. 5204c. Hazard mitigation for insular areas. 5205. Disaster grant closeout procedures. 5206. Buy American. 5207. Firearms policies. 5208. Repealed.

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42 USCDescription of ChangeSession YearPublic LawStatutes at Large
§ 5121nt new2013113-2 [Sec.] 1101(a)127 Stat. 39
§ 51222013113-2 [Sec.] 1110(c)127 Stat. 49
§ 5122nt new2013113-2 [Sec.] 1110(e)127 Stat. 49
§ 51702013113-2 [Sec.] 1110(a)127 Stat. 47
§ 5170nt new2013113-2 [Sec.] 1109127 Stat. 47
§ 5170b2013113-2 [Sec.] 1108(b)127 Stat. 47
§ 5170c2013113-2 [Sec.] 1104(a), (b)127 Stat. 43
§ 5170cnt new2013113-2 [Sec.] 1104(c)127 Stat. 43
§ 51742013113-2 [Sec.] 1108(a)127 Stat. 47
§ 51742013113-2 [Sec.] 1103127 Stat. 42
§ 51892013113-2 [Sec.] 1107127 Stat. 46
§ 5189ant new2013113-2 [Sec.] 1105127 Stat. 43
§ 5189e2013113-2 [Sec.] 1102(1)127 Stat. 39
§ 51912013113-2 [Sec.] 1110(b)127 Stat. 48


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