7 U.S. Code Chapter 41 - FOOD FOR PEACE

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Sec. 1691. United States policy. 1691a. Food aid to developing countries. SUBCHAPTER I—BARTER 1692. Transferred. 1693 to 1697. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER II—ECONOMIC ASSISTANCE AND FOOD SECURITY 1701. Economic assistance and food security. 1702. Agreements regarding eligible countries and private entities. 1703. Terms and conditions of sales. 1704. Use of local currency payment. 1704a. Agreements for use of foreign currencies; reports to Congress. 1704b. Repealed. 1704c. Payments by Secretary of Defense in liquidation of amount due for foreign currencies. 1705 to 1715. Omitted or Repealed. SUBCHAPTER III—EMERGENCY AND PRIVATE ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS 1721. General authority. 1722. Provision of agricultural commodities. 1723. Generation and use of currencies by private voluntary organizations and cooperatives. 1724. Levels of assistance. 1725. Food Aid Consultative Group. 1726. Repealed. 1726a. Administration. 1726b. Assistance for stockpiling and rapid transportation, delivery, and distribution of shelf-stable prepackaged foods. 1726c. Local and regional food aid procurement projects. SUBCHAPTER III–A—FOOD FOR DEVELOPMENT 1727. Bilateral grant program. 1727a. Eligible countries. 1727b. Grant programs. 1727c. Direct uses or sales of commodities. 1727d. Local currency accounts. 1727e. Use of local currency proceeds. 1727f, 1727g. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER III–B—EMERGENCY FOOD ASSISTANCE 1728. Findings regarding emergency food assistance. 1728a. President’s Emergency Food Assistance Fund. 1728b. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER IV—GENERAL AUTHORITIES AND REQUIREMENTS 1731. Commodity determinations. 1732. Definitions. 1733. General provisions. 1734. Agreements. 1735. Consultation. 1736. Use of Commodity Credit Corporation. 1736–1. Special Assistant for Agricultural Trade and Food Assistance. 1736a. Administrative provisions. 1736b. Expiration date. 1736c, 1736d. Repealed. 1736e. Debt forgiveness. 1736f. Authorization of appropriations. 1736f–1. Establishment of commodity trust. 1736g. Coordination of foreign assistance programs. 1736g–1. Assistance in furtherance of narcotics control objectives of United States. 1736g–2. Micronutrient fortification programs. 1736g–3. Use of certain local currency. 1736h. Congressional consultation on bilateral commodity supply agreements. 1736i to 1736k. Repealed. 1736l. Consultation on grain marketing. 1736m, 1736n. Repealed. 1736o. Food for progress. § 1736o–1. McGovern-Dole International Food for Education and Child Nutrition Program. 1736p. Trade policy declaration. 1736q. Repealed. 1736r. Trade negotiations policy. 1736s, 1736t. Repealed. 1736u. Cooperator market development program. 1736v to 1736x. Repealed. 1736y. Contract sanctity and producer embargo protection. 1736z to 1736cc. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER V—FARMER-TO-FARMER PROGRAM 1737. John Ogonowski and Doug Bereuter Farmer-to-Farmer Program. SUBCHAPTER VI—ENTERPRISE FOR THE AMERICAS INITIATIVE 1738. Establishment of Facility. 1738a. Purpose. 1738b. Eligibility for benefits under Facility. 1738c. Reduction of certain debt. 1738d. Repayment of principal. 1738e. Interest of new obligations. 1738f. Environmental framework agreements. 1738g. Enterprise for the Americas environmental funds. 1738h. Disbursement of environmental funds. 1738i. Enterprise for the Americas Board. 1738j. Oversight. 1738k. Eligible activities and grantees. 1738l. Encouraging multilateral debt donations. 1738m. Annual report to Congress. 1738n. Consultations with Congress. 1738o. Sale of qualified debt to eligible countries. 1738p. Sale, reduction, or cancellation of qualified debt to facilitate certain debt swaps. 1738q. Notification to congressional committees. 1738r. “Qualified debt” defined.

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7 USCDescription of ChangeSession YearPublic LawStatutes at Large
§ 17212014113-79 [Sec.] 3001128 Stat. 772
§ 17222014113-79 [Sec.] 3002, 3003128 Stat. 773
§ 17242014113-79 [Sec.] 3004128 Stat. 774
§ 17252014113-79 [Sec.] 3005128 Stat. 774
§ 1726a2014113-79 [Sec.] 3006(a), (b)128 Stat. 774, 775
§ 1726b2014113-79 [Sec.] 3007128 Stat. 775
§ 1726c2014113-79 [Sec.] 3207128 Stat. 780
§ 17332014113-79 [Sec.] 3008128 Stat. 775
§ 1736a2014113-79 [Sec.] 3009, 3010128 Stat. 776, 777
§ 1736b2014113-79 [Sec.] 3011128 Stat. 777
§ 1736f2014113-79 [Sec.] 3012128 Stat. 777
§ 1736f-12014113-79 [Sec.] 3202128 Stat. 779
§ 1736g2014113-79 [Sec.] 3015128 Stat. 778
§ 1736g-22014113-79 [Sec.] 3013128 Stat. 777
§ 1736o2014113-79 [Sec.] 3201128 Stat. 779
§ 1736o-12014113-79 [Sec.] 3204128 Stat. 780
§ 17372014113-79 [Sec.] 3014(a)128 Stat. 778


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