what are the categories?

Wex currently employs two systems for categorizing entries:

  1. Genre-based categories classify entries as any or all of [[wex:category/definition|definitions]], [[wex:category/overview|overviews]], or [[wex:category/backgrounder|backgrounders]]. All Wex documents should be assigned to one of the above categories (or, in the case of documents about Wex, the [[wex:category/authoring_help|authoring help]] category).
  2. Subject-based categories classify entries into topical groups (see [[wex:category/subject|subject categories]]). Unlike the genre-based categorization scheme, the subject-based categorization scheme is evolving rapidly and may be adapted as needed.

how to assign articles to categories

To assign an entry to a category, select the category from the list of categories in the "wex" box.

Please assign each of your entries to at least one genre-based category by selecting "definition", "overview", or "backgrounder".

how to link to a category

To link to a category, add "category/" after "wex:", [[[[wex:category/category_name]]]].

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