criminal law and procedure

Mitigating circumstances   (Wex page)
Mitigating factor   (Wex page)
Money laundering   (Wex page)
Motion to quash   (Wex page)
Necessity defense   (Wex page)
No-Knock Warrant   (Wex page)
Open Field Doctrine   (Wex page)
penitentiary   (Wex page)
Piracy (Maritime)   (Wex page)
Plain View Doctrine   (Wex page)
Ponzi scheme   (Wex page)
Pretrial lineup   (Wex page)
Privilege   (Wex page)
proffer   (Wex page)
Qua   (Wex page)
Qualified witness   (Wex page)
Quash   (Wex page)
Quasi   (Wex page)
Reasonable belief   (Wex page)
Reasonable Suspicion   (Wex page)
res gestae   (Wex page)
Right to jury trial   (Wex page)
riot   (Wex page)
scintilla   (Wex page)
self-incrimination   (Wex page)
Sentencing   (Wex page)


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