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Duration of audio: 14 minutes

Introduction and Topic Selection

1. Teaching law online — Diverse images

2. The potential value of distance methods in classroom-based courses

3. Identifying candidates for a multi-media presentation

  • Teacher-focused criteria
  • Student-focused criteria

4. Short is beautiful with distance learning modules

  • Need not teach to the clock
  • Breaking material up into shorter modules

5. Audio versus video

  • The dubious added value of seeing a talking law head
    (Exhibit 1 | Exhibit 2 - Is anything lost by taking your eyes off the screen?)
  • The numerous costs of video, including some that are hidden
  • Bandwidth
  • The comparative ease of self-production

6. Saving video for limited purposes (and a future day)

  • Courses and situations calling for video
    (a brief video clip illustrating the original broad reach of the phrase "Social Security")
  • What this tutorial undertakes