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Alternative modes of distribution –
advantages and disadvantages

Method Criteria
Access Pipeline Ease of furnishing referenced material Infrastructure requirements
Streaming media Requires student to have networked computer to listen and view. Each presentation can be completed just prior to release. Referenced material can be incorporated in presentation by the simple use of a hypertext link. Requires a media-server for optimal delivery although a basic Web-server (http) will suffice.
CD-ROM or DVD Can be run on an off-network computer and, in the case of DVD, a TV with DVD-player. Presentations need to be completed far enough in advance to allow for compilation of reasonable amounts of material and physical distribution of disks. If the referenced material is to be viewed off-network, it must be harvested, formated and integrated on the disk alongside the audio material. Permissions may also be an issue. Disk-production has moved to the desk-top and is, taking account of the distribution costs alone, remarkably inexpensive.
MP3 or equivalent Once downloaded, can be run on a portable music player or PDA as well as a computer. If distributed via download can be completed just prior to release. No tight connection to referenced material although the audio can provide instructions to view particular text or a chart, separately distributed. Requires only a Web-server to hold the files for student download.