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Duration of audio: 17.5 minutes

Getting Acquainted with the Audio Recording and Editing Tools

1. Paths to avoid

  • Beware of presentation software that will lock you into an inflexible and proprietary format
    (the fatal attraction of [brand name] Presenter or Producer packages)
  • The importance of creating and maintaining in an editable format
    (dealing with coughs, ums, pauses, and dropped words)
  • Recording at the computer rather than by means of a separate recording device

2. Reviewing some attractive (and inexpensive) options

  • The full setup
    (computer with sound card and speakers, a head mike, and capable audio editing software)
  • The microphone
  • Audio software
    (criteria and a recommendation: Audacity – http://audacity.sourceforge.net)

3. Becoming familiar with the processes of recording and editing yourself – a simple exercise

  • Setting your preferences and testing the setup
    (Audacity's controls and menu choices)
  • An exercise designed to introduce the basic moves
    • Record a short text passage including hesitations and blemishes (an "umm" or cough) and omitting a critical word or two.
    • Delete the flaws of commission.
    • Place labels at points needing insertions.
    • Record and paste insertions.
    • Adjust the amplitude.
    • Optional: adjust the tempo, adjust the pitch.
  • Repeat until comfortable with the process and pleased with the results