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Duration of audio: 11 minutes   

Producing Your First Presentation

1. Recording the audio

  • Diverse appoaches to the record/edit process
    (when and how often to stop and revise)
  • Finding your voice in this medium
    (speaking to your students sitting alone at their computers in contrast to addressing all of them together in a room)
  • Referring to illustrative material, pacing, and the placement of silence
    • Drawing attention to the screen or printed page
    • Leaving time for a referenced page to load
    • Allowing for reflection on what is on the screen
  • Recording knowing that you can revise

  • (Don't stop recording but plow ahead with a second pass at a portion over which you first stumbled.)

2. Editing out your "umms", repetitions, and other imperfections

  • Removing the flaws of commission
  • Inserting omitted words, phrases (and additional moments of silence)
  • Adjusting the amplitude

3. Mapping the presentation's visual elements against its audio

  • Constructing an"event log"
    • A sequential list of the times at which particular items are referred to
    • The URLs or document and place names to be viewed at each of those times
    • A sample log: this presentation