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Preparing the Presentation for Dissemination

1. The final steps

  • Converting the audio to a compressed format
  • Connecting the visual content to appropriate points in the audio
    (and creating any presentation-specific Web pages)
  • Placing the file or files on a server or distributing them on disk
    (uploading to a school media server, course Web site, Blackboard/WebCT or burning to CD-ROM)

2. Factors that may influence your choice among the options

  • Existing systems for streaming media at your school
  • IT staff experience with a particular platform
  • Whether you are largely handling this final stage on your own

3. The principal options

  • RealMedia
  • Windows Media
    • A wma file linked to a series of Web pages
    • A Microsoft Producer for PowerPoint presentation
  • MP3
    • Audio with cues rather than automatic linking
    • Linked by a SMIL file to a timed sequence of Web page moves
    • With HTML+Time

4. Six samples together with resource references and basic recipes

Note that several of the samples require specific browsers and/or audio players. If you are viewing this page in the RealMedia browser, you will want to close it at the end of this presentation before exploring these samples, returning to this page with the browser you normally use.

  • RealMedia
      [requires RealPlayer]
    (Sample | Resource page)
  • Widows Media
      [requires Windows Media Player]
    (Sample | Resource page)
  • Widows Media with Microsoft Producer
      [will not work in all browsers/ prefers Internet Explorer]
    (Sample | Resource page)
  • MP3 without automatic linking
      [can be used with a huge range of audio devices and software and any browser]

    (Sample | Resource page)
  • MP3 with a SMIL file
      [requires RealPlayer or other SMIL 2.0 compatible client]
    (Sample | Resource page)
  • MP3 and HTML+Time
      [requires Internet Explorer]
    (Sample | Resource page)