LII@20 - Celebrating 20 Years of Open Access

The LII@20 Campaign is crucial to the continued success of the LII. Advertising revenue and the generous financial support of Cornell Law School are not enough to keep up with the continued demand for open access to legal information needed by over 13 million users each year. Internet publishers with similar audiences and goals employ significantly larger staffs and rely on subscription revenues to keep their operations going. In order for the LII to continue to provide access without fee, we rely on donations from users and others who support and value our work. To mark our 20th Anniversary year, and help us plan for the future, we hope you'll consider supporting us in one of these ways:

Make a Gift Online

The LII conducts email fundraising drives twice each year, and this year is no exception. But this year, we'd like you to consider all that the LII has meant to you over the past two decades. How many times has the site helped you, and what is that worth? Gifts of all sizes are helpful, but this year we ask that you consider joining our 20 for 20 Supporters, by giving a gift of $400 or more. That's $20 for each year of our 20 year history. Your generosity is vital to our continued growth and future success. Please donate now.

20 for 20 Leaders: Transformative Gifts to Transform the LII

This is an exciting time for the LII. Right now, there are several large-scale projects that could help transform the way we conduct business and provide additional services to people who rely on the LII to help understand the law. Most of these projects require significant start-up costs which exceed what our current annual operating budget can provide. We're looking for 20 donors capable of making gifts of $20,000 or more to help fund one or more of the exciting new initiatives by joining our 20 for 20 Leaders. To learn more about these opportunities, contact us directly.

Sponsor Our Anniversary Conference: LVI 2012

Each year, nearly 400 experts from LIIs around the world gather for the Law via the Internet Conference. Never before held in the United States, this year's conference will take place October 7-9 at the birthplace of the open access movement, Cornell Law School in Ithaca, New York. A variety of sponsorship opportunities are available for individuals, law firms, foundations, and corporations who want to show their support, and 100% of your sponsorship will go to underwrite the important learning and networking opportunities that occur at this important event. Visit the conference website for more information and to learn about conference sponsorship opportunities