Incorporate   (Wex page)
Incorporation   (Wex page)
Incorporator   (Wex page)
Inter se   (Wex page)
Investment   (Wex page)
Junior lien   (Wex page)
L3C   (Wex page)
Liability   (Wex page)
Liable   (Wex page)
Limited Liability   (Wex page)
Limited partnership   (Wex page)
Liquidating partner   (Wex page)
LLC   (Wex page)
LLP   (Wex page)
Member   (Wex page)
Merger   (Wex page)
Minutes   (Wex page)
Naked option   (Wex page)
No-par stock   (Wex page)
Offshore corporation   (Wex page)
Operating agreement   (Wex page)
Owners' agreement   (Wex page)
Par   (Wex page)
Par value   (Wex page)
Par-value stock   (Wex page)
Partner   (Wex page)
Partnership   (Wex page)
Pass-through taxation   (Wex page)
Piercing the veil   (Wex page)
Poison pill   (Wex page)


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