10 CFR § 1004.6 - Requests for classified records.

§ 1004.6 Requests for classified records.

(a) All requests for classified records will be subject to the provisions of this part with the special qualifications noted below.

(b) All requests for records made in accordance with this part, except those requests for access to classified records which are made specifically pursuant to the mandatory review provisions of Executive Order 13526 and § 1045 or any successor thereto, may be automatically considered a FOIA Act request.

(c) Concurrence of the Director of Classification is required on all responses involving the denial of classified information. The Director of Classification will be informed of the request by either the FOIA Officer or the Authorizing Official to whom the action is assigned, and will advise the office originating the records, or having responsibility for the records, and consult with such office or offices prior to making a determination under this section.

(d) The written notice of a determination to deny records, or portions of records, which contain both classified material and other exempt material, will be concurred in by the Director of Classification who will be the Denying Official for the classified portion of such records in accordance with §§ 1004.5(c) and 1004.7(b)(2). If other DOE officials or appropriate officials of other agencies are responsible for denying any portion of the record, their names and titles or positions will be listed in the notice of denial in accordance with §§ 1004.5(c) and 1004.7(b)(2) and it will be clearly indicated what portion or portions they were responsible for denying.

(e) Requests for DOE records containing classified information received from another agency, and requests for classified documents originating in another agency, will be coordinated with or referred to the other agency consistent with the provisions of § 1004.4(f). Coordination or referral of information or documents subject to this section will be effected by the Director of Classification (in consultation with the Authorizing Official) with the appropriate official of the other agency.

[53 FR 15661, May 3, 1988, as amended at 79 FR 22858, Apr. 25, 2014]