10 CFR § 1040.83 - Definitions.

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§ 1040.83 Definitions.

(a) Act means the Age Discrimination Act of 1975 as amended title III of Pub. L. 94-135, 42 U.S.C. 6101 et seq.

(b) Action means any act, activity, policy, rule, standard or method of administration; or the use of any policy, rule, standard, or method of administration.

(c) Age means how old a person is or the number of years from the date of a person's birth.

(d) Age distinction means any action using age or an age-related term (for example, “18 or over”).

(e) Age-related term means a word or words which necessarily imply a particular age or range of ages (for example, “children”, “adult”, “older persons”, but not “student”).

(f) Days mean calendar days.

(g) Discrimination means unlawful treatment based on age.

(h) FERC means the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

(i) Field Civil Rights Officer means the official in each DOE field office with responsibility for administering DOE's Civil Rights Program related to nondiscrimination in Federally assisted programs or activities.

(j) Recipient means any State or its political subdivision, instrumentality of a State or its political subdivision, any public or private agency, institution, organization, or other entity, or any person to which Federal financial assistance is extended, directly or through another recipient. Recipient includes any successor, assignee, or transferee, but excludes an individual who is the ultimate beneficiary of the assistance.

(k) Secretary means the Secretary, Department of Energy.

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