10 CFR 20.2206 - Reports of individual monitoring.

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§ 20.2206 Reports of individual monitoring.
(a) This section applies to each person licensed by the Commission to—
(1) Operate a nuclear reactor designed to produce electrical or heat energy pursuant to § 50.21(b) or § 50.22 of this chapter or a testing facility as defined in § 50.2 of this chapter; or
(2) Possess or use byproduct material for purposes of radiography pursuant to parts 30 and 34 of this chapter; or
(3) Possess or use at any one time, for purposes of fuel processing, fabricating, or reprocessing, special nuclear material in a quantity exceeding 5,000 grams of contained uranium-235, uranium-233, or plutonium, or any combination thereof pursuant to part 70 of this chapter; or
(4) Possess high-level radioactive waste at a geologic repository operations area pursuant to part 60 or 63 of this chapter; or
(5) Possess spent fuel in an independent spent fuel storage installation (ISFSI) pursuant to part 72 of this chapter; or
(6) Receive radioactive waste from other persons for disposal under part 61 of this chapter; or
(7) Possess or use at any time, for processing or manufacturing for distribution pursuant to parts 30, 32, 33 or 35 of this chapter, byproduct material in quantities exceeding any one of the following quantitites:
Radionuclide Quantity of radionuclide 1 in curies
1 The Commission may require as a license condition, or by rule, regulation, or order pursuant to § 20.2302, reports from licensees who are licensed to use radionuclides not on this list, in quantities sufficient to cause comparable radiation levels.
Cesium-137 1
Cobalt-60 1
Gold-198 100
Iodine-131 1
Iridium-192 10
Krypton-85 1,000
Promethium-147 10
Techetium-99m 1,000
(b) Each licensee in a category listed in paragraph (a) of this section shall submit an annual report of the results of individual monitoring carried out by the licensee for each individual for whom monitoring was required by § 20.1502 during that year. The licensee may include additional data for individuals for whom monitoring was provided but not required. The licensee shall use Form NRC 5 or electronic media containing all the information required by Form NRC 5.
(c) The licensee shall file the report required by § 20.2206(b), covering the preceding year, on or before April 30 of each year. The licensee shall submit the report to the REIRS Project Manager by an appropriate method listed in § 20.1007 or via the REIRS Web site at http://www.reirs.com .
[56 FR 23406, May 21, 1991, as amended at 56 FR 32072, July 15, 1991; 66 FR 55789, Nov. 2, 2001; 68 FR 58802, Oct. 10, 2003]

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