10 CFR § 205.198A - Protective order.

§ 205.198A Protective order.

A participant who has unsuccessfully attempted in writing to obtain information that another participant claims is confidential may file a Motion for Discovery and Protective Order. This motion shall meet the requirements of § 205.198 and shall specify the particular confidential information that the movant seeks and the reasons why the information is necessary to adequately present the movant's position in the proceeding. A copy of the written request for information, a certification concerning when and to whom it was served and a copy of the response, if any, shall be appended to the motion. The motion must give the possessor of the information notice that a Response to the Motion must be filed within ten days. The Response shall specify the safeguards, if any, that should be imposed if the information is ordered to be released. The Office of Hearings and Appeals may issue a Protective Order upon consideration of the Motion and the Response.