10 CFR 210.1 - Records.

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§ 210.1 Records.
(a) The recordkeeping requirements that were in effect on January 27, 1981, inparts 210, 211, and 212 will remain in effect for (1) all transactions prior to February 1, 1981; and (2) all allowed expenses incurred and paid prior to April 1, 1981 under § 212.78 ofpart 212. These requirements include, but are not limited to, the requirements that were in effect on January 27, 1981, in § 210.92 of this part; in §§ 211.67(a)(5)(ii); 211.89; 211.109, 211.127; and 211.223 of part 211; and in §§ 212.78(h)(5)(ii); 212.78(h)(6); 212.83(c)(2)(iii)(E)(I); 212.83(c)(2)(iii)(E)(II); 212.83(c)(2)(iii); “Fi t”; 212.83(i); 212.93(a); 212.93(b)(4)(iii)(B)(I); 212.93(i)(4); 212.94(b)(2)(iii); 212.128; 212.132; 212.172; and § 212.187 ofpart 212.
(b) Effective February 5, 1985, paragraph (a) of this section shall apply, to the extent indicated, only to firms in the following categories. A firm may be included in more than one category, and a firm may move from one category to another. The fact that a firm becomes no longer subject to the recordkeeping requirements of one category shall not relieve that firm of compliance with the recordkeeping requirements of any other category in which the firm is still included.
(1) Those firms which are or become parties in litigation with DOE, as defined in paragraph (c)(1) of this section. Any such firm shall remain subject to paragraph (a) of this section. DOE shall notify the firm in writing of the final resolution of the litigation and whether or not any of its records must be maintained for a further period. DOE shall notify a firm which must maintain any records for a further period when such records are no longer needed.
(i) Those firms which as of November 30 1984, have completed making all restitutionary payments required by an administrative or judicial order, consent order, or other settlement or order but which payments are on February 5, 1985, still subject to distribution by DOE. This requirement is applicable to only those firms listed in appendix B. Any such firm shall maintain all records for the time period covered by the administrative or judicial order, consent order, or other settlement or order requiring the payments, evidencing sales volume data for each product subject to controls and customers' names and addresses, until one of the following: June 30, 1985, unless this period is extended on a firm-by-firm basis; the end of the individual firm's extension; or the firm is notified in writing that its records are no longer needed.
(ii) Those firms which as of November 30, 1984, are required to make restitutionary or other payments pursuant to an administrative or judicial order, consent order, or other settlement or order. Any such firm shall remain subject to paragraph (a) of thissection until the firm completes all restitutionary payments required by the administrative or judicial order, consent order, or other settlement or order. However, after completing all such payments, a firm shall maintain all records described in paragraph (b)(2)(i) of this section until one of the following: Six months after the firm completes all such payments, unless this period is extended on a firm-by-firm basis; the end of the individual firm's extension; or the firm is notified in writing that its records are no longer needed.
(i) Those firms with completed audits in which DOE has not yet made a determination to initiate a formal enforcement action and firms under audit which do not have outstanding subpoenas. Any such firm shall maintain all records for the period covered by the audit including all records necessary to establish historical prices or volumes which serve as the basis for determining the lawful prices or volumes for any subsequent regulated transaction which is subject to audit, until one of the following: June 30, 1985, unless this period is extended on a firm-by-firm basis; the end of the individual firm's extension; or the firm is notified in writing by DOE that its records are no longer needed. However, if a firm in this group shall become a party in litigation, the firm shall then be subject to the recordkeeping requirements for firms in litigation set forth in paragraph (b)(1) of this section.
(ii) Those firms under audit which have outstanding subpoenas on February 5, 1985, or which receive subpoenas at any time thereafter or which have supplied records for an audit as the result of a subpoena enforced after November 1, 1983. Any such firm shall remain subject to paragraph (a) of this section until two years after ERA has notified the firm in writing that is in full compliance with the subpoena or until ERA has received from the firm a sworn certification of compliance with the subpoena as required by10 CFR 205.8. However, if a firm in this group shall become a party in litigation, the firm shall then be subject to the recordkeeping requirements for firms in litigation set forth in paragraph (b)(1) of this section.
(4) Those firms which are subject to requests for data necessary to verify that crude oil qualifies as “newly discovered” crude oil under10 CFR 212.79. Any such firm shall maintain the records evidencing such data until one of the following: June 30, 1985, unless this period is extended on a firm-by-firm basis; the end of an individual firm's extension; or the firm is notified in writing by DOE that its records are no longer needed. However, if a firm in this group shall become a party in litigation, the firm shall then be subject to the recordkeeping requirements for firms in litigation set forth in paragraph (b)(1) of this section.
(5) Those firms whose records are determined by DOE as necessary to complete the enforcement activity relating to another firm which is also subject to paragraph (a) of this section unless such firms required to keep records have received certified notice letters specifically describing the records determined as necessary. At that time, the specific notice will control the recordkeeping requirements. These firms have been identified in appendix A. Any such firm shall maintain these records until one of the following: June 30, 1985, unless this period is extended on a firm-by-firm basis; the end of the individual firm's extension; or the firm is notified in writing by DOE that its records are no longer needed.
(6) Those firms which participated in the Entitlements program. Any such firm shall maintain its Entitlements-related records until six months after the final judicial resolution (including any and all appeals) ofTexaco v. DOE, Nos. 84-391, 84-410, and 84-456 (D. Del.), or the firm is notified by DOE that its records are no longer needed, whichever occurs first.
(c) For purposes of this section:
(1) A firm is “a party in litigation” if:
(A) The firm has received a Notice of Probable Violation, a Notice of Probable Disallowance, a Proposed Remedial Order, or a Proposed Order of Disallowance; or
(B) The firm and DOE are parties in a lawsuit arising under the Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act of 1973, as amended (15 U.S.C. 751 et seq.) or 10 CFR parts 205, 210, 211, or 212; and
(A) There has been no final (that is, non-appealable) administrative or judicial resolution, or
(B) DOE has not informed the firm in writing that the Department has completed its review of the matter.
(2) A firm means any association, company, corporation, estate, individual, joint-venture, partnership, or sole proprietorship, or any other entity, however organized, including charitable, educational, or other eleemosynary institutions, and state and local governments. A firm includes a parent and the consolidated and unconsolidated entities (if any) which it directly or indirectly controls.
Appendix A to 10 CFR 210.1—Third Party Firms
Name of Firm
A & R, Inc.
A. J. Petroleum
ADA Resources, Inc.
ATC Petroleum
Abbco Petroleum, Inc.
Ada Oil Company
Adams Grocery
Advanced Petroleum Distributing Co.
Agway Inc.
Allegheny Petroleum Corp.
Alliance Oil and Refining Company
Allied Chemical Corp.
Allied Transport
Amerada Hess Corp.
American Natural Crude Oil Assoc.
Amoco Production Company
Amorient Petroleum, Inc.
An-Son Transportation Co.
Anadarko Products Co.
Andrus Energy Corp.
Antler Petroleum
Arco Pipeline Company
Armada Petroleum Corp.
Armour Oil Company
Arnold Brooks Const. Inc.
Ashland Oil
Asiatic Petroleum Co.
Aspen Energy, Inc.
Athens General Hospital
Atlantic Pacific Energy, Inc.
Atlas Processing Company
B & B Trading Company
BLT, Inc.
BPM, Ltd.
Baker Services, Inc.
Basin Inc.
Basin Petroleum, Inc.
Beacon Hill Mobil
Belcher Oil Company
Bighart Pipeline Company
Bigheart Pipeline Corp
Bowdoin Square Exxon
Bowdoin Super Service (Sunoco)
Brio Petroleum, Inc.
C.E. Norman
CPI Oil & Refining
CRA-Farmland Industries, Inc.
Calcaseiu Refining, Ltd.
Carbonit Houston, Inc.
Carr Oil Company, Inc.
Castle Coal & Oil Co.
Central Crude Corporation
Century Trading Co.
Charter Crude Oil
Chastain Vineyard
Chevron USA, Inc.
Cibro Petroleum, Inc.
Cirillo Brothers
Cities Service (Citgo) Station
Cities Service Company
Cities Service Midland
City of Athens
Clarke County Board of Education
Claude E. Silvey
Coastal Corporation (The)
Coastal Petroleum and Supply Inc.
Coastal States Trading Company
Commonwealth Oil Refining Co., Inc.
Coral Petroleum Canada, Inc.
Coral Petroleum, Inc.
Corex of Georgia
Cothran Interstate Exxon
Couch's Standard Chevron
Cougar Oil Marketers Inc.
Crude Company (The)
Crystal Energy Corporation
Crystal Refining
D & E Logging
DDC Corporation of America
Darrell Williamson
Davis Ellis
Days Inn of America, Inc.
Delta Petroleum & Energy Corp.
Derby & Company, Inc.
Derby Refining Company
Dewveall Petroleum
Dixie Oil Company
Dixon Oil Co.
Don Hardy
Donald Childs
Dow Chemical Company
Dr. Joe L. Griffeth
Driver Construction Co.
Drummond Brothers, Inc.
Duffie Monroe & Sons Co., Inc.
ECI (A/K/A Energy Cooperative Inc.)
Earnest Dalton
Earth Resources Trading
Eastern Seaboard Petroleum, Inc.
Elmer Hammon
Elvin Knight
Empire Marketing, Inc.
Energy Cooperative, Inc.
Energy Distribution Co.
Englehard Corporation
Englehard Oil Corporation
Evans Oil Co.
Exxon Company
F & S Trading Company, Inc.
Farmers Union Central Exchange, Inc.
Farmland Industries Inc.
Fasgo, Inc.
Fedco Oil Company
Federal Employees Distributing Co.
Fitzpatrick Spreader
Flutz Oil Company
Flying J. Inc.
Foremost Petroleum
Four Corners Pipe Line
Frank Katz
Frank W. Abrahamsen
Frank's Butane, Inc.
Friendswood Refinery
Frontier Manor Collection
Fuel Oil Supply & Terminaling, Inc.
G. C. Clark Company
GPC Marketing Company
Gary Refining Co.
Geer Tank Trucks, Inc.
Gene Clary
Gene McDonald
General Crude Oil Company
Geodynamics Oil & Gas Inc.
George Kennedy
George Smith Chevron
Gleason Oil Company
Glenn Company
Globe Oil Co.
Godfrey's Standard Service
Good Hope Industries, Inc.
Good Hope Refineries, Inc.
Granite Oil Company
Guam Oil & Refining Co., Inc.
Gulf States Oil & Refining Company
H. D. Adkinson
H. H. Dunson
H.S. & L, Inc.
HNG Oil Company
Harbor Petroleum, Inc.
Harbor Trading
Harmony Grove Mills, Inc.
Harry Rosser
Hast Oil, Inc.
Heet Gas Company
Henry Alva Mercer
Herndon Oil & Gas Company
Horizon Petroleum Company
Houston Oil & Minerals Products Co.
Houston Oil & Refining
Howell Corporation
Hurricane Trading Company, Inc.
Hydrocarbon Trading and Transport Co.
Inco Trading
Independent Refining Corp.
Independent Trading Corporation
Indiana Refining, Inc.
Intercontinental Petroleum Corp.
International Crude Corporation
International Petro
International Petroleum Trading, Inc.
International Processors
Isthmus Trading Corporation
J & M Transport
J. & J.'s Fast Stop
J. A. Rackerby Corporation
J. H. Baccus
J. H. Baccus & Co.
J. J. Williamson
J. M. Petroleum Corporation
JPK Industries
Jack W. Grigsby
Jaguar Petroleum, Inc.
James L. Bush
Jay Petroleum Company
Jay-Ed Petroleum Company
John W. McGowan
Kalama Chemical, Inc.
Kelly Trading Corp.
Kenco Refining
Kerr-McGee Corporation
Koch Fuel
Koch Industries, Inc.
Kocolene Oil
Kocolene Station
L & L Resources, Inc.
L.S. Parker
LaGloria Oil & Gas
LaJet, Inc.
Lamar Refining Co.
Langham Petroleum Corp.
Larry Roberts
Laurel Oil, Inc.
Lee Allen
Lincoln Land Sales Company
Listo Petroleum Inc.
Longview Refining Corp.
Love's Standard
Lucky Stores Inc.
M.L. Morrow
Magna Energy Corporation
Magnolia Oil Company
Mansfield Oil Co.
Mapco Petroleum, Inc.
Mapco, Inc.
Marion Trading Co.
Marlex Oil & Refining, Inc.
Marlin Petroleum, Inc.
Martin Oil Company
Mathew's Grocery
McAuleep Oil Co.
McAuley Oil Company
Meadows Gathering, Inc.
Mellon Energy Products Co.
Merit Petroleum, Inc.
Metro Wash, Inc.
Miller Oil Purchasing Co.
Minor Oil, Inc.
Minro Oil, Inc.
Mitchell Oil Co.
Mitsui & Co. (USA) Inc.
Mobil Bay Refining Company
Montgomery Well Drilling
Mundy Food Market
Munford, Inc.
Mutual Petroleum
NRG Oil Company
National Convenience Stores
National Cooperative Refinery
Nicholson Grocery and Gas
North American Petroleum
Northeast Petroleum Corp.
Northeast Petroleum Corporation
Northgate Auto Center
Northwest Crude, Inc.
Nova Refining Corp.
Occidental Petroleum Corp. (includes Permia)
Ocean Drilling and Exploration Co.
Oil Exchange, Inc.
Omega Petroleum Corp.
Otoe Corporation
Oxxo Energy Group, Inc.
P & O Falco, Inc.
P. L. Heatley Co.
PEH, Inc.
PIB, Inc.
PSW Distributors Company
Pacific Refinery, Inc.
Pacific Resources, Inc.
Pan American Products Corp.
Par Brothers Food Store
Pauley Petroleum Inc.
Pennzoil Co.
Permian Corporation (The)
Pescar International Corp.
Pescar International Trading Co.
Petraco (U.S.A.) Inc.
Petrade International
Petrol Products, Inc.
Phillips Petroleum Company
Phoenis Petroleum Co.
Phoenix Petroleum Co.
Pine Mountains
Poole Petroleum
Port Petroleum
Presley Oil Co.
Procoil Inc.
Publiker Industries, Inc.
Pyramid Dist. Co., Inc.
Questor Crude Oil Company
Quitman Refining Co.
R. H. Garrett Paving
Ra-Gan Fuel, Inc.
Reeder Distributing Co.
Reeder Distributors
Reese Exploration Co.
Research Fuels Inc.
Revere Petroleum Co.
Richardson-Ayres, Inc.
Robert Bishop
Robert Patrick
Roberts Grocery
Rock Island Refining Corporation
Rogers Oil Company
Roy Baerne
Russell Oil Company
S. G. Coplen
SECO (Scruggs Energy)
Saber Crude Oil, Inc.
Saber Refining Company
Salem Ventures, Inc.
Samson Resources Company
Santa Fe Energy Products Co.
Saye's Truck Stop
Scandix Oil Limited
Score, Inc.
Scruggs Energy Company
Scurlock Oil Company
Scurry Oil Company
Seamount Petroleum Company
Seaview Petroleum Company
Sector Refining, Inc.
Selfton Miller
Shepherd Trading Corporation
Shulze Processing
Sigmor Corporation
Skelly Oil Company
South Hampton Refining Company
South Texas LP Gas Co.
Southern Crude Oil Resources
Southern Terminal & Transport, Ltd.
Southern Union Company
Southwest Petro. Energy
Southwest Petrochem
Standard Oil Co. (Ohio)
Standard Oil Co. of California
Standard Oil Company (Indiana)
Standard Oil Company (Ohio)
Sterling Energy Company
Steve Childs
Stix Gas Company, Inc.
Sunset Grocery
Sunset Oil & Refining, Inc.
Swanee Petroleum Company
T & P Enterprises
T. B. Eley
T. E. Jawell
Tauber Oil Company
Tenneco, Inc.
Tesoro Crude Oil Company
Texana Oil & Gas Corp.
Texas American Petrochemicals (TAP)
Texas City Refining
Texas Eastern Transmission Corp.
Texas Energy Reserve Corporation
Texas Pacific Oil Company
Thomas Cockvell
Thomas Petroleum Products, Inc.
Thorton Oil Company
Thyssen Incorporated
Tiger Petroleum Company
Time Oil Co.
Tipperary Refining Company
Tom Banks
Tom Smith
Tomlinson Petroleum, Inc.
Tosco Corporation
Total Petroleum, Inc.
Trans-Texas Petroleum Corp.
Transco Trading Company
Turboil Oil and Refining
Two Rivers Oil & Gas Co., Inc.
U-Fill 'er Up
USA Gas, Inc.
Uni Oil Company
Union Oil of California
Doram Energy
United Petroleum Marketing
United Refining Company
United Refining, Inc.
Universal Rundle
Val-Cap, Inc.
Vedetta Oil Trading, Inc.
Vedette Oil Trading, Inc.
Vickers Energy Corp.
W. C. Colquitt
W. T. Strickland
W. W. Blanton
W.A. Nunnally, Jr., Construction Co.
W.D. Porterfiled
Wellven, Inc.
West Texas Marketing Corp.
Western Crude Oil, Inc.
Western Fuels, Inc.
Wight Nurseries of Oglethorpe Co.
William Seabolt
Wilson's Used Tractors
Windsor Gas Corp.
Wyoming Refining
Appendix B to 10 CFR 210.1—Firms With Completed Payments Subject to Distribution
The following firms have completed making restitutionary payments to DOE but their payments are still subject to distribution by DOE. Each such firm must maintain relevant records until June 30, 1985, unless this period is extended on a firm-by-firm basis. Relevant records are all records of the firm, including any affiliates, subsidiaries or predecessors in interest, for the time period covered by the judicial or administrative order, consent order, or other settlement or order requiring the payments, evidencing sales volume data for each product subject to controls and customers' names and addresses.
Name of firm Location
A. Tarricone Inc Yonkers, NY.
Adolph Coors Company Golden, CO.
Allied Materials Corp & Excel Oklahoma City, OK.
Aminoil USA, Inc Houston, TX.
Amtel, Inc Providence, RI.
Apache Corporation Minneapolis, MN.
APCO Oil Corporation Oklahoma City, OK.
Arapaho Petroleum, Inc Breckenridge, TX.
Arkansas Louisiana Gas Company Shreveport, LA.
Arkla Chemical Corporation Shreveport, LA.
Armour Oil Company San Diego, CA.
Associated Programs Inc Boca Raton, FL.
Atlanta Petroleum Production Fort Worth, TX.
Automatic Heat, Inc
Ayers Oil Company Canton, MD.
Aztex Energy Corporation Knoxville, TN.
Bak Ltd Narbeth, PA.
Bayou State Oil/IDA Gasoline Shreveport, LA.
Bayside Fuel Oil Depot Corp Brooklyn, NY.
Belridge Oil Company Los Angeles, CA.
Blaylock Oil Co., Inc Homestead, FL.
Blex Oil Company Minneapolis, MN.
Boswell Oil Company Cincinnati, OH.
Box, Cloyce K Dallas, TX.
Breckenridge Gasoline Company Kansas City, KS.
Brownlie, Wallace, Armstrong Denver, CO.
Bucks Butane & Propane Service San Jose, CA.
Budget Airport Associates Los Angeles, CA.
Busler Enterprises Inc Evansville, IN.
Butler Petroleum Corp Butler, PA.
C.K. Smith & Company, Inc Worcester, MA.
Cap Oil Company Tulsa, OK.
Champlain Oil Co., Inc South Burlington, VT.
Chapman, H.A Tulsa, OK.
Cibro Gasoline Corporation Bronx, NY.
City Service Inc Kalispell, MT.
Coastal Corporation Houston, TX.
Coline Gasoline Corporation Santa Fe Springs, CA.
Collins Oil Co Aurora, IL.
Columbia Oil Co Hamilton, OH.
Conlo Service Inc East Farmingdale, NY.
Conoco, Inc Houston, TX.
Consolidated Gas Supply Corp Hastings, WV.
Consolidated Leasing Corp Los Angeles, CA.
Consumers Oil Co Rosemead, CA.
Continental Resources Company Winter Park, FL.
Cordele Operating Co Corsicana, TX.
Cosby Oil Co., Inc Whittier, CA.
Cougar Oil Co Selma, AL.
Cross Oil Co., Inc Wellstone, MO.
Crystal Oil Company (formerly Vallery Corp.) Shreveport, LA.
Crystal Petroleum Co Corpus Christi, TX.
Devon Corporation Oklahoma City, OK.
Dorchester Gas Corp Dallas, TX.
E.B. Lynn Oil Company Allentown, PA.
E.M. Bailey Distributing Co Paducah, KY.
Eagle Petroleum Co Wichita Falls, TX.
Earls Broadmoor Houma, LA.
Earth Resources Co Dallas, TX.
Eastern Petroleum Corp Annapolis, MD.
Edington Oil Co Los Angeles, CA.
Elias Oil Company West Palm Beach, FL.
Elm City Filling Stations, Inc New Haven, CT.
Empire Oil Co Bloomington, CA.
Endicott, Eugene Redmond, OR.
Enserch Corp Dallas, TX.
Enterprise Oil & Gas Company Detroit, MI.
F.O. Fletcher, Inc Tacoma, WA.
Fagadau Energy Corporation Dallas, TX.
Farstad Oil Company Minot, ND.
Field Oil Co., Inc Ogden, UT.
Fine Petroleum Co., Inc Norfolk, VA.
Foster Oil Co Richmond, MI.
Franks Petroleum Inc Shreveport, LA.
Froesel Oil Co
Gas Systems Inc Ft. Worth, TX.
Gate Petroleum Co., Inc Jacksonville, FL.
GCO Minerals Company Houston, TX.
Getty Oil Company Los Angeles, CA.
Gibbs Industries, Inc Revere, MA.
Glaser Gas Inc Calhoun, CO.
Glover, Lawrence H Patchogue, NY.
Goodman Oil Company Boise, ID.
Grant Rent a Car Corporation Los Angeles, CA.
Grimes Gasoline Co Tulsa, OK.
Gulf Energy & Development Corp. (also known as Gulf Energy Development Corp.) San Antonio, TX.
Gulf Oil Corp Houston, TX.
Gull Industries, Inc Seattle, WA.
H.C. Lewis Oil Co Welch, WV.
Hamilton Brothers Petroleum Co Denver, CO.
Harris Enterprise Inc Portland, OR.
Heller, Glenn Martin Boston, MA.
Hendel's Inc Waterford, CT.
Henry H. Gungoll Associates Enid, OK.
Hertz Corporation, The New York, NY.
Hines Oil Co Murphysboro, IL.
Horner & Smith, A Partnership Houston, TX.
Houston Natural Gas Corp Houston, TX.
Howell Corporation/Quintana Refinery Co Houston, TX.
Hunt Industries Dallas, TX.
Hunt Petroleum Corp Dallas, TX.
Husky Oil Company of Delaware Cody, WY.
Ideal Gas Co., Inc Nyassa, OR.
Independent Oil & Tire Company Elyria, OH.
Inland USA, Inc St. Louis, MO.
Inman Oil Co Salem, MO.
Internorth, Inc Omaha, NE.
J.E. DeWitt, Inc South El Monte, CA.
J.M. Huber Corp Houston, TX.
James Petroleum Corp Bakersfield, CA.
Jay Oil Company Fort Smith, AR.
Jimmys Gas Stations Inc Auburn, ME.
Jones Drilling Corporation Duncan, OK.
Juniper Petroleum Corporation Denver, CO.
Kansas-Nebraska Natural Gas Co Hastings, NE.
Keller Oil Company, Inc Effingham, IL.
Kenny Larson Oil Co., Inc
Kent Oil & Trading Company Houston, TX.
Key Oil Co., Inc Tuscaloosa, AL.
Key Oil Company Bowling Green, KY.
Kiesel Co St. Louis, MO.
King & King Enterprise Kansas City, MO.
Kingston Oil Supply Corp Port Ewen, NY.
Kirby Oil Company
L & L Oil Co., Inc Belle Chasse, LA.
L.P. Rech Distributing Co Roundup, MT.
La Gloria Oil and Gas Co Houston, TX.
Lakes Gas Co., Inc Forest Lake, MN.
Lakeside Refining Co./Crystal Southfield, MI.
Landsea Oil Company Irvine, CA.
Leathers Oil Co., Inc Portland, OR.
Leese Oil Company Pocatello, ID.
Leonard E. Belcher, Inc Springfield, MA.
Lincoln Land Oil Co Springfield, IL.
Liquid Products Recovery Houston, TX.
Little America Refining Co Salt Lake City, UT.
Lockheed Air Terminal Inc Burbank, CA.
Lowe Oil Company Clinton, MO.
Lucia Lodge Arco Big Sur, CA.
Luke Brothers Inc Calera, OK.
Lunday Thargard Oil South Gate, CA.
Malco Industries Inc Cleveland, OH.
Mapco, Inc Tulsa, OK.
Marine Petroleum Co St. Louis, MO.
Marlen L. Knutson Dist. Inc Stanwood, WA.
Martin Oil Service, Inc Blue Island, IL.
Martinoil Company Fresno, CA.
Marvel Fuel Oil and Gas Co
McCarty Oil Co Wapakoneta, OH.
McCleary Oil Co., Inc Chambersburg, OH.
McClure's Service Station Salisbury, PA.
McTan Corporation Abilene, TX.
Mesa Petroleum Company Amarillo, TX.
Midway Oil Co Rock Island, IL.
Midwest Industrial Fuels, Inc La Crosse, WI.
Mississippi River Transmission St. Louis, MO.
Mitchell Energy Corp Woodlands, TX.
Montana Power Co Butte, MT.
Moore Terminal and Barge Co Monroe, LA.
Mountain Fuel Supply Company Salt Lake City, UT.
Moyle Petroleum Co Rapid City, SD.
Mustang Fuel Corporation Oklahoma City, OK.
Naphsol Refining Company Muskegon, MI.
National Helium Corporation Liberal, KS.
National Propane Corp Wyandanch, NY.
Navajo Refining Company Dallas, TX.
Nielson Oil & Propane, Inc West Point, NE.
Northeast Petroleum Industries Chelsea, MA.
Northeastern Oil Co., Inc Gillette, WY.
Northwest Pipeline Corp Salt Lake City, UT.
O'Connell Oil Co Pittsfield, MA.
Oceana Terminal Corp. et al Bronx, NY.
OKC Corporation Dallas, TX.
Olin Corporation Stamford, CT.
Oneok Incorporation Tulsa, OK.
Ozona Gas Processing Plant Tyler, TX.
Pacer Oil Co. of Florida, Inc Ormond Beach, FL.
Pacific Northern Oil Seattle, WA.
Panhandle Eastern (Century) Houston, TX.
Parade Company Shreveport, LA.
Parham Oil Corporation Nashville, TN.
Pasco Petroleum Co., Inc Phoenix, AZ.
Pedersen Oil, Inc Silverdale, WA.
Pennzoil Company Houston, TX.
Perry Gas Processors, Inc Odessa, TX.
Peoples Energy Corp Chicago, IL.
Perta Oil Marketing Corp Beverly Hills, CA.
Peterson Petroleum Inc Hudson, NY.
Petro-Lewis Corp Denver, CO.
Petrolane-Lomita Gasoline Co Long Beach, CA.
Petroleum Heat & Power Co. Inc Stamford, CT.
Petroleum Sales/Services Inc Buffalo, NY.
Pioneer Corp Amarillo, TX.
Planet Engineers Inc Denver, CO.
Plateau, Inc Albuquerque, NM.
Plaquemines Oil Sales Belle Chasse, LA.
Point Landing Inc Hanrahan, LA.
Port Oil Company, Inc Mobile, AL.
Post Petroleum Co West Sacramento, CA.
Power Pak Co., Inc Houston, TX.
Pride Refining, Inc Abilene, TX.
Pronto Gas Co Abilene, TX.
Propane Gas & Appliance Co New Brockton, AL.
Prosper Energy Corporation Dallas, TX.
Pyro Energy Corporation Evansville, IN.
Pyrofax Gas Corporation Houston, TX.
Quaker State Oil Oil City, PA.
Quarles Petroleum, Inc Fredericksburg, VA.
Resources Extraction Process Houston, TX.
Reynolds Oil Co Kremling, CO.
Richardson Ayers Jobbers, Inc Alexandria, LA.
Riverside Oil, Inc Evansville, IN.
Roberts Oil Co. Inc Albuquerque, NM.
Rookwood Oil Terminals Inc Cincinnati, OH.
Saber Energy, Inc Houston, TX.
Sanesco Oil Co Escondido, CA.
Schroeder Oil Company Carroll, IA.
Seminole Refining Inc St. Marks, FL.
Sid Richardson Carbon & Gas Ft. Worth, TX.
Sigmore Corporation San Antonio, TX.
Southwestern Refining Co., Inc Salt Lake City, UT.
Speedway Petroleum Co., Inc Fitchburg, MA.
St. James Resources Corp Boston, MA.
Standard Oil Co. (Indiana) Chicago, IL.
Stinnes Inter Oil Inc New York, NY.
Tenneco Oil Company Houston, TX.
Texas/Arkansas/Colorado/Oklahoma/Oil Purchasing Dallas, TX.
Texas Gas & Exploration Dallas, TX.
Texas Oil & Gas Corporation Dallas, TX.
Texas Pacific Oil Company, Inc Dallas, TX.
The True Companies Casper, WY.
Thompson Oil Inc Purcellville, VA.
Tiger Oil Co Yakima, WA.
Time Oil Company Seattle, WA.
Tipperary Corp Midland, TX.
Tippins Oil & Gas Co Richmond, MO.
Triton Oil & Gas Corp Dallas, TX.
U.S. Compressed Gas Company King of Prussia, PA.
U.S. Oil Company Combined Locks, WI.
U.S.A. Petroleum, Inc Santa Monica, CA.
Union Texas Petroleum Corp Houston, TX.
United Oil Company Hillside, NJ.
Upham Oil & Gas Co Mineral Wells, TX.
Vangas Inc Fresno, CA.
VGS Corporation Jackson, MS.
Waller Petroleum Company, Inc Towson, MD.
Warren Holding Company Providence, RI.
Warrior Asphalt Co. of Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL.
Webco Southern Oil Inc Smyrna, CA.
Wellen Oil Co Jersey City, NJ
Wiesehan Oil Co
Willis Distributing Company Erie, PA.
Winston Refining Company Fort Worth, TX.
Witco Chemical Corporation New York, NY.
World Oil Company Los Angeles, CA.
Worldwide Energy Corp Denver, CO.
Young Refining Corporation Douglasville, GA.
Zia Fuels (G.G.C. Corp.) Hobbs, NM.
(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 1903-0073)
[50 FR 4962, Feb. 5, 1985]

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This is a list of United States Code sections, Statutes at Large, Public Laws, and Presidential Documents, which provide rulemaking authority for this CFR Part.

This list is taken from the Parallel Table of Authorities and Rules provided by GPO [Government Printing Office].

It is not guaranteed to be accurate or up-to-date, though we do refresh the database weekly. More limitations on accuracy are described at the GPO site.

Statutes at Large
Public Laws
Presidential Documents

Executive Order ... 11748