10 CFR § 216.6 - Petition for reconsideration.

§ 216.6 Petition for reconsideration.

If DOE, after evaluating an application in accordance with § 216.4, does not determine that the energy program or project maximizes domestic energy supplies or does not find that the supplies of materials and equipment, services, or facilities described in the application are critical and essential to an eligible energy program or project, it will so notify the applicant and the applicant may petition DOE for reconsideration. If DOE concludes at any time that findings previously made are no longer valid and should be withdrawn, DOE will so notify the affected applicant(s), and such applicant(s) may petition DOE for reconsideration of the withdrawal decision. A petition is deemed accepted when received by DOE at the address stated in § 216.8. DOE will consider the petition for reconsideration and either grant or deny the relief requested. Written notice of the decision and of the reasons for the decision will be provided to the applicant. There has not been an exhaustion of administrative remedies until a petition for reconsideration has been submitted and the review procedure completed by grant or denial of the relief requested. The denial of relief requested in a petition for reconsideration is a final administrative decision.

[43 FR 6212, Feb. 14, 1978, as amended at 51 FR 8312, Mar. 11, 1986; 73 FR 10984, Feb. 29, 2008]

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