10 CFR § 4.336 - Compliance procedure.

§ 4.336 Compliance procedure.

(a) NRC may enforce the Act and these regulations through—

(1) Termination of a recipient's Federal financial assistance from NRC under the program or activity involved where the recipient has violated the Act or these regulations. The determination of the recipient's violation may be made only after a recipient has had an opportunity for a hearing on the record before an administrative law judge. Therefore, cases that are settled in mediation, or prior to a hearing, will not involve termination of a recipient's Federal fiancial assistance from NRC.

(2) Any other means authorized by law including but not limited to—

(i) Referral to the Department of Justice for proceedings to enforce any rights of the United States or obligations of the recipients created by the Act or these regulations.

(ii) Use of any requirement of or referral to any Federal, State, or local government agency that will have the effect of correcting a violation of the Act or these regulations.

(b) NRC will limit any termination under § 4.336(a)(1) to the particular recipient and particular program or activity NRC finds in violation of Act or these regulations. NRC will not base any part of a termination on a finding with respect to any program or activity of the recipient that does not receive Federal financial assistance from NRC.

(c) NRC will take no action under paragraph (a) until—

(1) The Commission, or designee, has advised the recipient of its failure to comply with the Act or these regulations and has determined that voluntary compliance cannot be obtained.

(2) 30 days have elapsed after the Commission, or designee, has sent a written report of the circumstances and grounds of the action to the committees of the Congress having legislative jurisdiction over the program or activity involved. A report will be filed whenever any action is taken under paragraph (a) of this section.

(d) NRC also may defer granting new Federal financial assistance to a recipient when termination proceedings under § 4.336(a)(1) are initiated.

(1) New Federal financial assistance includes all assistance for which NRC requires an application or approval, including renewal or continuation of existing activities or authorization of new activities, during the deferral period. New Federal financial assistance does not include increases in funding as a result of change computation of formula awards or assistance approved prior to the beginning of termination proceedings under § 4.336(a)(1).

(2) NRC will not begin a deferral until the recipient has received a notice of an opportunity for a hearing under § 4.336(a)(1). NRC will not continue a deferral for more than 60 days unless a hearing has begun within that time or the time for beginning the hearings has been extended by mutual consent of the recipient and NRC. NRC will not continue a deferral for more than 30 days after the close of the hearing, unless the hearing results in a finding against the recipient.

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