10 CFR § 420.3 - Administration of financial assistance.

§ 420.3 Administration of financial assistance.

(a) Financial assistance under this part shall comply with applicable laws and regulations including, but without limitation, the requirements of:

(1) Executive Order 12372, Intergovernmental Review of Federal Programs, as implemented by 10 CFR part 1005.

(2) DOE Financial Assistance Rules (10 CFR part 600); and

(3) Other procedures which DOE may from time to time prescribe for the administration of financial assistance under this part.

(b) The budget period(s) covered by the financial assistance provided to a State according to § 420.11(b) or § 420.33 shall be consistent with 10 CFR part 600.

(c) Subawards are authorized under this part and are subject to the requirements of this part and 10 CFR part 600.

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