10 CFR 429.148 - Routine violator.

§ 429.148 Routine violator.

(a) DOE will consider, inter alia, the following factors in determining if a person is a routine violator: Number of violations in current and past cases, length of time over which violations occurred, ratio of compliant to noncompliant installations or sales, percentage of employees committing violations, evidence of intent, evidence of training or education provided, and subsequent remedial actions.

(b) In the event that DOE determines a person to be a routine violator, DOE will issue a Notice of Finding of Routine Violation.

(c) In making a finding of Routine Violation, DOE will consider whether the Routine Violation was limited to a specific location. If DOE finds that the routine violation was so limited, DOE may, in its discretion, in the Notice of Finding of Routine Violation limit the prohibition on manufacturer and/or private labeler sales to a particular contractor or distribution location.

[ 81 FR 45403, July 14, 2016]