10 CFR § 440.18 - Allowable expenditures.

§ 440.18 Allowable expenditures.

(a) Except as adjusted, the expenditure of financial assistance provided under this part for labor, weatherization materials, and related matters included in paragraphs (c)(1) through (9) of this section shall not exceed an average of $6,500 per dwelling unit weatherized in the State, except as adjusted in paragraph (c) of this section.

(b) The expenditure of financial assistance provided under this part for labor, weatherization materials, and related matters for a renewable energy system, shall not exceed an average of $3,000 per dwelling unit.

(c) The $6,500 average will be adjusted annually by DOE beginning in calendar year 2010 and the $3,000 average for renewable energy systems will be adjusted annually by DOE beginning in calendar year 2007, by increasing the limitations by an amount equal to:

(1) The limitation amount for the previous year, multiplied by

(2) The lesser of:

(i) The percentage increase in the Consumer Price Index (all items, United States city average) for the most recent calendar year completed before the beginning of the year for which the determination is being made, or

(ii) Three percent.

(3) For the purposes of determining the average cost per dwelling limitation, costs for the purchase of vehicles or other certain types of equipment as defined in 10 CFR part 600 may be amortized over the useful life of the vehicle or equipment.

(d) Allowable expenditures under this part include only:

(1) The cost of purchase and delivery of weatherization materials;

(2) Labor costs, in accordance with § 440.19;

(3) Transportation of weatherization materials, tools, equipment, and work crews to a storage site and to the site of weatherization work;

(4) Maintenance, operation, and insurance of vehicles used to transport weatherization materials;

(5) Maintenance of tools and equipment;

(6) The cost of purchasing vehicles, except that any purchase of vehicles must be referred to DOE for prior approval in every instance.

(7) Employment of on-site supervisory personnel;

(8) Storage of weatherization materials, tools, and equipment;

(9) The cost of incidental repairs if such repairs are necessary to make the installation of weatherization materials effective;

(10) The cost of liability insurance for weatherization projects for personal injury and for property damage;

(11) The cost of carrying out low-cost/no-cost weatherization activities in accordance with § 440.20;

(12) The cost of weatherization program financial audits as required by § 440.23(d);

(13) Allowable administrative expenses under paragraph (d) of this section; and

(14) Funds used for leveraging activities in accordance with § 440.14(b)(9)(xiv); and

(15) The cost of eliminating health and safety hazards elimination of which is necessary before, or because of, installation of weatherization materials.

(e) Not more than 10 percent of any grant made to a State may be used by the grantee and subgrantees for administrative purposes in carrying out duties under this part, except that not more than 5 percent may be used by the State for such purposes, and not less than 5 percent must be made available to subgrantees by States. A State may provide in its annual plan for recipients of grants of less than $350,000 to use up to an additional 5 percent of such grants for administration if the State has determined that such recipient requires such additional amount to implement effectively the administrative requirements established by DOE pursuant to this part.

(f) No grant funds awarded under this part shall be used for any of the following purposes:

(1) To weatherize a dwelling unit which is designated for acquisition or clearance by a Federal, State, or local program within 12 months from the date weatherization of the dwelling unit would be scheduled to be completed; or

(2) To install or otherwise provide weatherization materials for a dwelling unit weatherized previously with grant funds under this part, except:

(i) As provided under § 440.20;

(ii) If such dwelling unit has been damaged by fire, flood, or act of God and repair of the damage to weatherization materials is not paid for by insurance; or

(iii) That dwelling units partially weatherized under this part or under other Federal programs during the period September 30, 1975, through September 30, 1993, may receive further financial assistance for weatherization under this part. While DOE will continue to require these homes to be reported separately, States may count these homes as completions for the purposes of compliance with the per-home expenditure limit in § 440.18. Each dwelling unit must receive a new energy audit which takes into account any previous energy conservation improvements to the dwelling.

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