10 CFR § 440.20 - Low-cost/no-cost weatherization activities.

§ 440.20 Low-cost/no-cost weatherization activities.

(a) An eligible dwelling unit may be weatherized without regard to the limitations contained in § 440.18 (e)(2) or § 440.21(b) from funds designated by the grantee for carrying out low-cost/no-cost weatherization activities provided:

(1) Inexpensive weatherization materials are used, such as water flow controllers, furnace or cooling filters, or items which are primarily directed toward reducing infiltration, including weatherstripping, caulking, glass patching, and insulation for plugging and

(2) No labor paid with funds provided under this part is used to install weatherization materials referred to in paragraph (a)(1) of this section.

(b) A maximum of 10 percent of the amount allocated to a subgrantee, not to exceed $50 in materials costs per dwelling unit, may be expended to carry out low-cost/no-cost weatherization activities, unless the Support Office Director approves a higher expenditure per dwelling unit.

[49 FR 3629, Jan. 27, 1984, as amended at 50 FR 713, Jan. 4, 1985; 58 FR 12529, Mar. 4, 1993]

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