10 CFR § 455.123 - Grantee records and reports for State grants for administrative expenses, technical assistance, program assistance, and marketing.

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§ 455.123 Grantee records and reports for State grants for administrative expenses, technical assistance, program assistance, and marketing.

(a) Each State which receives a grant for administrative expenses, or a grant for technical assistance programs, program assistance, or marketing shall keep all the records required by § 455.4 in accordance with this part and the DOE Financial Assistance Rules.

(b) Each State shall submit a semi-annual program performance report to DOE by the close of each February and August, including, but not limited to:

(1) A discussion of administrative activities pursuant to § 455.82, if a State has received a grant to fund such activities, and a discussion of milestones accomplished, those not accomplished, status of in-progress activities, problems encountered, and remedial actions, if any, planned pursuant to § 455.135(f);

(2) A discussion of technical assistance, program assistance, and/or marketing programs pursuant to § 455.121, if the State has received grants to fund such activities, including a discussion of the results of the State's program to non-Federally fund energy conservation measures consistent with this part pursuant to § 455.121, with a list of buildings receiving assistance for technical assistance programs and a list of buildings which obtained energy conservation measures using non-Federal funds, including the name and address of each building, the amount and type of funding provided to each, and for energy conservation measures, the types of measures funded in each building together with each measure's total estimated cost and estimated annual cost savings, annual energy savings, and the annual cost of the energy to be saved (determined pursuant to § 455.62(d)) consistent with the data currently provided to DOE on all ICP grants;

(3) A summary of grantee reports received by the State during the report period pursuant to §§ 455.113(b)(1) and (b)(2);

(4) For the report due to be submitted to DOE by the close of each August, an estimate of annual energy use reductions in the State, by energy source, attributable to implementation of energy conservation maintenance and operating procedures and installation of energy conservation measures under this part. Such estimates shall be based upon a sampling of institutions participating in the technical assistance phase of this program and upon the energy use reports submitted to the State pursuant to § 455.113(b)(2)(iii); and

(5) Such other information as DOE may from time to time request.

(c) Each copy of any report covering grants for State administrative, technical assistance, program assistance, or marketing expenses shall be accompanied by a financial status report completed in accordance with the documents listed in § 455.3. In addition, States shall file quarterly financial status reports for the quarters which occur between the semi-annual report periods covered in their program performance reports. These quarterly reports are due within 30 days following the end of the applicable quarters.

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