10 CFR § 473.30 - Standards and criteria.

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§ 473.30 Standards and criteria.

Research and development to be performed under a grant, under a cooperative agreement, under a contract, as a DOE project, or as an agency project under the Act may be certified under these regulations only if the research and development to be conducted—

(a) Supplements the automotive propulsion system research and development efforts of industry or any other private researcher;

(b) Is not duplicative of efforts previously abandoned by private researchers unless there has been an intervening technological advance, promising conceptual innovation, or justified by other special consideration;

(c) Would not be performed during the annual funding period but for the availability of the Federal funding being sought;

(d) Is likely to produce an advanced automobile propulsion system suitable for steps toward technology transfer to mass production in a shorter time period than would otherwise occur;

(e) Is not technologically the same as efforts by any person conducted previously or to be conducted during the annual funding period regarding a substantially similar advanced automobile propulsion system; and

(f) Is not likely to result in a decrease in the level of private resources expended on advanced automotive research and development by substituting Federal funds without justification.