10 CFR § 600.24 - Noncompliance.

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§ 600.24 Noncompliance.

(a) Except for noncompliance with nondiscrimination requirements under 10 CFR part 1040, whenever DOE determines that a recipient has not complied with the applicable requirements of this part, with the requirements of any applicable program statute or rule, or with any other term or condition of the award, a DOE Contracting Officer shall provide to the recipient (by certified mail, return receipt requested) a written notice setting forth:

(1) The factual and legal bases for the determination of noncompliance;

(2) The corrective actions and the date (not less than 30 days after the date of the notice) by which they must be taken.

(3) Which of the actions authorized under § 600.122(n), § 600.162(a) § 600.243(a), § 600.312(g), or § 600.352(a) of this part DOE may take if the recipient does not achieve compliance within the time specified in the notice, or does not provide satisfactory assurances that actions have been initiated which will achieve compliance in a timely manner.

(b) DOE may take any of the actions set forth in § 600.122(n), § 600.162(a), §§ 600.243(a), 600.312(g), or 600.352(a) of this part concurrent with the written notice required under paragraph (a) of this section or with less than 30 days written notice to the recipient whenever:

(1) There is evidence the award was obtained by fraud;

(2) The recipient ceases to exist or becomes legally incapable of performing its responsibilities under the financial assistance award; or

(3) There is a serious mismanagement or misuse of financial assistance award funds necessitating immediate action.

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