10 CFR § 600.4 - Deviations.

§ 600.4 Deviations.

(a) General.

(1) A deviation is the use of any policy, procedure, form, standard, term, or condition which varies from a requirement of this part, or the waiver of any such requirement, unless such use or waiver is authorized or precluded by Federal statute. The use of optional or discretionary provisions of this part, including special restrictive conditions used in accordance with §§ 600.114, 600.212, and 600.304 are not deviations. Awards to foreign entities and the waiver of the cost sharing requirements in § 600.30 are not subject to this section.

(2) A single-case deviation is a deviation which applies to one financial assistance transaction and one applicant, recipient, or subrecipient only.

(3) A class deviation is a deviation which applies to more than one financial assistance transaction, applicant, recipient, or subrecipient.

(b) The DOE officials specified in paragraph (c) of this section may authorize a deviation only upon a written determination that the deviation is—

(1) Necessary to achieve program objectives;

(2) Necessary to conserve public funds;

(3) Otherwise essential to the public interest; or

(4) Necessary to achieve equity.

(c) Approval procedures.

(1) A deviation request must be in writing and must be submitted to the responsible DOE Contracting Officer. An applicant for a subaward or a subrecipient shall submit any such request through the recipient.

(2) Except as provided in paragraph (c)(3) of this section—

(i) A single-case deviation may be authorized by the responsible HCA.

(ii) A class deviation may be authorized by the Director, Procurement and Assistance Management or designee.

(3) Whenever the approval of OMB, other Federal agency, or other DOE office is required to authorize a deviation, the proposed deviation must be submitted to the Director, Procurement and Assistance Management or designee for concurrence prior to submission to the authorizing official.

(d) Notice. Whenever a request for a class deviation is approved, DOE shall publish a notice in the Federal Register at least 15 days before the class deviation becomes effective. Whenever a class deviation is contained in a proposed program rule, the preamble to the proposed rule shall describe the purpose and scope of the deviation.

(e) Subawards. A recipient may use a deviation in a subaward only with the prior written approval of a DOE Contracting Officer.

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