10 CFR § 603.110 - Use of TIAs.

§ 603.110 Use of TIAs.

The ultimate goal for using a TIA is to broaden the technology base available to meet DOE mission requirements and foster within the technology base new relationships and practices to advance the national economic and energy security of the United States, to promote scientific and technological innovation in support of that mission, and to ensure the environmental cleanup of the national nuclear weapons complex. A TIA therefore is designed to:

(a) Reduce barriers to participation in RD&D programs by commercial firms that deal primarily in the commercial marketplace. A TIA allows contracting officers to tailor Government requirements and lower or remove barriers if it can be done with proper stewardship of Federal funds.

(b) Promote new relationships among performers in the technology base. Collaborations among commercial firms that deal primarily in the commercial marketplace, firms that regularly perform on the DOE RD&D programs and nonprofit organizations can enhance overall quality and productivity.

(c) Stimulate performers to develop and use new business practices and disseminate best practices throughout the technology base.