10 CFR § 603.200 - Contracting officer responsibilities.

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§ 603.200 Contracting officer responsibilities.

Contracting officers may use a TIA only in appropriate situations. To do so, the use of a TIA must be justified based on:

(a) The nature of the project, as discussed in § 603.205;

(b) The type of recipient, addressed in § 603.210;

(c) The recipient's commitment and cost sharing, as described in § 603.215;

(d) The degree of involvement of the Government program official, as discussed in § 603.220; and

(e) The contracting officer's judgment that the use of a TIA could benefit the RD&D objectives in ways that likely would not happen if another type of instrument were used (i.e., a contract, grant or cooperative agreement is not feasible or appropriate). Answers to the four questions in § 603.225 form the basis for the contracting officer's judgment.