10 CFR § 605.18 - National security.

§ 605.18 National security.

Activities under SC's Financial Assistance Program shall not involve classified information (i.e., Restricted Data, formerly Restricted Data, National Security Information). However, if in the opinion of the recipient or DOE such involvement becomes expected prior to the closeout of the award, the recipient or DOE shall notify the other in writing immediately. If the recipient believes any information developed or acquired may be classifiable, the recipient shall not provide the potentially classifiable information to anyone, including the DOE officials with whom the recipient normally communicates, except the Director of Classification, and shall protect such information as if it were classified until notified by DOE that a determination has been made that it does not require such handling. Correspondence which includes the specific information in question shall be sent by registered mail to U.S. Department of Energy, Attn: Director of Classification, DP-32, Washington, DC 20585. If the information is determined to be classified, the recipient may wish to discontinue the project in which case the recipient and DOE shall terminate the award by mutual agreement. If the award is to be terminated, all material deemed by DOE to be classified shall be forwarded to DOE, in a manner specified by DOE, for proper disposition. If the recipient and DOE wish to continue the award, even though classified information is involved, the recipient shall be required to obtain both personnel and facility security clearances through the Office of Safeguards and Security for Headquarters awards, or from the cognizant field office Division of Safeguards and Security for awards obtained through DOE field organizations. Costs associated with handling and protecting any such classified information shall be negotiated at the time that the determination to proceed is made.

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