10 CFR § 707.6 - Employee assistance, education, and training.

§ 707.6 Employee assistance, education, and training.

Contractor programs shall include the following or appropriate alternatives:

(a) Employee assistance programs emphasizing preventive services, education, short-term counseling, coordination and referral to outside agencies, and follow-up. These services shall be available to all contractor on-site employees involved in the DOE contract. The contractor has no obligation to pay the costs of any individual's counseling, treatment, or rehabilitation beyond those services provided by the contractor's employee assistance program, except as provided for in the contractor's benefits programs. DOE undertakes no obligation to pay for any individual's counseling, rehabilitation, or treatment, unless specifically provided for by contract.

(b) Education and training programs for on-site employees on a periodic basis, which will include, at a minimum, the following subjects:

(1) For all on-site employees: Health aspects of substance abuse, especially illegal drug use; safety, security, and other workplace-related problems caused by substance abuse, especially illegal drug use; the provisions of this rule; the employer's policy; and available employee assistance services.

(2) For managers and supervisors:

(i) The subjects listed in paragraph (b)(1) of this section;

(ii) Recognition of deteriorating job performance or judgment, or observation of unusual conduct which may be the result of possible illegal drug use;

(iii) Responsibility to intervene when there is deterioration in performance, or observed unusual conduct, and to offer alternative courses of action that can assist the employee in returning to satisfactory performance, judgment, or conduct, including seeking help from the employee assistance program;

(iv) Appropriate handling and referral of employees with possible substance abuse problems, especially illegal drug use; and

(v) Employer policies and practices for giving maximum consideration to the privacy interests of employees and applicants.