10 CFR § 71.41 - Demonstration of compliance.

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§ 71.41 Demonstration of compliance.

(a) The effects on a package of the tests specified in § 71.71 (“Normal conditions of transport”), and the tests specified in § 71.73 (“Hypothetical accident conditions”), and § 71.61 (“Special requirements for Type B packages containing more than 10 5 A2”), must be evaluated by subjecting a specimen or scale model to a specific test, or by another method of demonstration acceptable to the Commission, as appropriate for the particular feature being considered.

(b) Taking into account the type of vehicle, the method of securing or attaching the package, and the controls to be exercised by the shipper, the Commission may permit the shipment to be evaluated together with the transporting vehicle.

(c) Environmental and test conditions different from those specified in §§ 71.71 and 71.73 may be approved by the Commission if the controls proposed to be exercised by the shipper are demonstrated to be adequate to provide equivalent safety of the shipment.

(d) Packages for which compliance with the other provisions of these regulations is impracticable shall not be transported except under special package authorization. Provided the applicant demonstrates that compliance with the other provisions of the regulations is impracticable and that the requisite standards of safety established by these regulations have been demonstrated through means alternative to the other provisions, a special package authorization may be approved for one-time shipments. The applicant shall demonstrate that the overall level of safety in transport for these shipments is at least equivalent to that which would be provided if all the applicable requirements had been met.

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