10 CFR § 81.40 - Contents of a license application.

§ 81.40 Contents of a license application.

(a) Nonexclusive license application. An application for a nonexclusive license under an NRC invention should be accompanied by a fee of ten dollars ($10) for processing the application and must include the following information:

(1) Identification of the invention for which the license is desired, including the patent application serial number or the patent number, title, and date, if known, and any other identification of the invention;

(2) Name and address of the person, company, or organization applying for a license and the citizenship or State of incorporation thereof;

(3) Name and address of a representative of applicant to whom correspondence should be sent and any notices served;

(4) Nature and type of applicant's business;

(5) Identification of the source of applicant's information concerning the availability of a license on the invention;

(6) Purpose for which the license is desired, and a brief description of applicant's plan to achieve that purpose;

(7) A statement of the field and the field(s) of use in which applicant intends to practice the invention; and

(8) A statement of the geographical area(s) in which the applicant will practice the invention.

(b) Exclusive license application. An application for a limited exclusive license should include, in addition to the information indicated above for a nonexclusive license application, the following information:

(1) Applicant's status, if any, in any one or more of the following categories:

(i) Small business firm;

(ii) Minority business enterprise;

(iii) Location in a surplus labor area;

(iv) Location in a low income area; and

(v) Location in an economically depressed area.

(2) A statement describing the time, expenditure, and other acts which the applicant considers necessary to bring the invention to a point of practical application, and the applicant's offer to invest that time and sum, and to perform such acts, if the license is granted.

(3) A statement of applicant's capability to undertake the development and/or marketing required to bring the invention to the point of practical application.

(4) A statement that contains applicant's best knowledge of the extent to which the invention is being practiced by private industry and the Government; and

(5) Any other facts which the applicant believes to show it to be in the public interest for the Commission to grant an exclusive license rather than a nonexclusive license and that such exclusive license should be granted to the applicant.

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