11 CFR § 9428.6 - Chief state election official.

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(a) Each chief state election official shall certify to the Commission within 30 days after July 25, 1994:

(1) All voter registration eligibility requirements of that state and their corresponding state constitution or statutory citations, including but not limited to the specific state requirements, if any, relating to minimum age, length of residence, reasons to disenfranchise such as criminal conviction or mental incompetence, and whether the state is a closed primary state.

(2) Any voter identification number that the state requires or requests; and

(3) Whether the state requires or requests a declaration of race/ethnicity;

(4) The state's deadline for accepting voter registration applications; and

(5) The state election office address where the application shall be mailed.

(b) If a state, in accordance with 11 CFR 9428.4(a)(2), requires the applicant's full social security number, the chief state election official shall provide the Commission with the text of the state's privacy statement required under the Privacy Act of 1974 (5 U.S.C. 552a note).

(c) Each chief state election official shall notify the Commission, in writing, within 30 days of any change to the state's voter eligibility requirements or other information reported under this section.

[59 FR 32323, June 23, 1994. Redesignated and amended at 74 FR 35720, July 29, 2009]